The Punishment – Part V

i don’t know if he will start with the crop or the paddle, so i’m just waiting, holding my breath.  And then – whack!  It is the paddle, landing directly in the middle of my ass, crossing both cheeks.  i make this noise, well, it’s like a “whoosh” as my breath leaves my body, and it takes me a second to be able to say, “One, thank you, Sir,”

“Mmmpf”the second one, the paddle again, slightly lower but overlapping the first.  “Two, thank you, Sir.”

“Three, thank you, Sir,” he is not wasting time between strokes, just as the pain of the last one begins to really awaken, he lands another one.

“Four, thank you, Sir,” and i realize he is not striking nearly as hard as he could be.  i should be sinking into some submissive space by now, but instead i’m painfully present and fully aware.

“Five!  Thank you. Sir.”  It hurts, omg it hurts, but still i’m not sinking into blissful submission, i’m just hurting.  My sit spot and the top of my thighs are burning.  My whole ass is burning.

“Six! Sir, thank you, sir.”  This was the crop.  Omg, it whistled and then it – it –

“Seven, Sir, thank you, sir.”  The crop, this one overlapping the first small welt.

“Eight, thank you Sir,” gasping the words out, but i think i am at last sliding under the pain.  And he stops.

My ass is burning and stinging and there are little points that are on fire already where the crop has crisscrossed over, and i’m about to slide into sub space and he stops.  He just stands there while i feel every bit of throbbing stinging misery.

“I don’t mind having to punish you,” he says, “If that’s what needs to happen.  But it’s punishment.  I’m going to keep you here for it.”

I’m listening to him, but i’m also thinking, “Eight, we’re at eight, don’t forget, eight.”  The pain is actually beginning to subside a bit when the crop slashes, landing on my sit spot, making me cry out.  “Eight, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

“It would have been nine,” he says, “But that’s ok, I’ll accept eight.” And the crop lands again.

“Nine!!!!!  Nine, Sir, thank you, Sir.”  It barely registers that I have just added an extra one to the count.

“Ten.” i’m gasping, tears are running down my cheeks although i didn’t know i was crying.  “Thank you, Sir.”

“That’s all for disobedience,” he says.  “I’ll let you breathe a minute.”

“Ohhhh, can’t you just finish, Sir?” i say.

“Are you supposed to be talking?” he says.  And the crop lands on the back of my thighs quickly, twice, stinging.  “Master, please or Please, Master, that’s what you’re allowed to say.  Let me hear you.”

“Master, please,” i say and the crop slaps my thighs, crossing where he had hit before.

“Right,” he says, “And what else can you say?”

“Please, Master?” And the crop strikes again.

“Remember that.”  His tone is light but the stinging pain is not. “Now, the next five are for lying.  You may start with one.”

i am expecting the crop, but it’s the paddle, and the thud surprises me, it takes a second for me to remember to count.  This time he alternates, the paddle, then the crop and each time the crop lands it overlaps with the other little welts and then my entire ass is on fire from the thump of the paddle and just when i think i really, really can’t take it anymore he says, “Don’t even try to pull away.  I want your ass out here where I can reach it easily.  Stick it out.”

And i do, i make myself offer my ass, despite the searing pain, and it happens ~~

~~ i slip into that other head space, the one where it hurts but it’s ok, i don’t mind, i’m just aware of how much i belong to him, and how much i want to belong to him, it’s like my body goes soft and i’m not fighting it anymore, and it’s all ok.  i don’t know if i’m at 8 or 9 but we’re almost there and i’m finally ~

~~~ Nine, thank you, Sir!!  i am just guessing, but i must be right because he doesn’t correct me.  And then, finally, moments later, the last slash of the crop lands on the back of my thighs, making me scream, before i pull myself together and sob, “Ten, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

i feel him unfasten my ankle cuffs from the links in the floor, and then my wrists.  “Don’t get up yet,” he says, “You’ll be light-headed, I’ll help you in a minute.  You can pull your arms up though.  There, that’s good.”

i’m leaning on the table and feeling pretty good considering my ass is still on fire and i know it’s gonna be hurting for a while.  i’m a bit chilled, so it’s lovely when he drapes a short, velvety cape over my shoulders.  Gently, he raises me from the table.

The cape falls only to my waist, leaving my ass bare, but it warms me, and i’m pretty sure i don’t want anything touching those welps on my butt anyhow.  Gently, he raises his palm to my mouth and,with all the tenderness in my heart, i kiss the hand that has punished me.  He repeats this with the crop, tapping it ever so lightly against my lips, and then with the paddle.

At last he leads me away from the table, back to his chair.  As he settles himself comfortably, he motions me to kneel in front of him in the little nest of blankets on the floor.

i am happy to do so.  Cuddled between his legs, i brush my lips against his inner thigh, hoping he’ll let me please him with my mouth in other ways soon.


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