Here i am

Starting over, once again.  i don’t even look submissive here, do i?  But i am.  Trust me, i really am.

i don’t know what i’m going to do here.  Fantasy maybe.  We’ll see.

I know I’ve been on a 2 year decline in self-care and how i treat myself, in terms of being submissive and in terms of my own sexuality.  That stops now.  Somehow i’ve ended up way over weight, wearing granny panties and tennis shoes.  No more of that.

It took email from a guy who had a crush on me in high school, and an unpleasant incident with my partner, to wake me up.  But i’m awake now.


8 thoughts on “Here i am

  1. It is funny… the looking submissive… I imagine most people that know me in “the real world” (which is absolutely my fake world) think I am tough and would take orders from no-one. They only see what I let them see. Sometimes little things slip, and the shock is hilarious.
    Also… throw out all granny panties immediately!! Lol. Weight is no big deal, and tennies are comfy, but granny panties?! Noooo! 😉


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