The Supplicant Part 2

The man behind the desk looked up from the pages he’d been reading. Then girl was seated in the wooden visitor chair, perched on the edge. She had been watching him closely, looking for a reaction, but as soon as he looked up, she dropped her eyes.

”So. This is your fantasy?”

”Yes, Sir,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. Waves of shame rolled over her. He would think she was stupid. Ridiculous. It was a ridiculous fantasy. And not even what she wanted, at least maybe not. How did you know if you wanted a fantasy in real life or not.

”What parts,” he asked, “are real?”

”The parts about my body, Sir,” she said, trying to shrink, wishing she could disappear into the chair.

”You feel,” he glanced at the paper, corrected himself, “Your body feels – trapped. Constrained. Caught, stuck, almost frozen. Is that right?”

She nodded, the shame still washing over her, whispered, “yes, Sir.”

He stood, walked around the desk so he was standing right in front of her. He noticed that she cringed, just a bit. He stepped back, leaned on the desk, almost sitting.

”How did you decide to apply here?” he asked. He had seldom seen a supplicant as terrified as she seemed to be, and he wondered if she’d have the stamina, the strength she would need for this work.

“A friend – someone I know – told me about it,” she said, remembering that the girl had not actually been a friend. “I have – I’ve been unhappy for a long time, Sir. She laughed at me, said if I wasn’t scared of my own shadow, I could do this – come here and experience this, and figure out how to live. I’ve tried therapy about a hundred times, that’s not my answer. Maybe this is.”

Her voice had gotten stronger as she talked, and now he could see the hidden courage that had brought her here.

“I will hurt you,” he said, casually, as if it weren’t important.

She looked up then, looked straight at him. Her eyes were green, with long lashes, and he was annoyed with himself for noticing that. “I need,” she said, “something to set my body free, to make it loose again. I don’t go for walks anymore, or dance, or do much of anything that lets my body move.” She sighed, a soft sound so low he barely heard it. “I need to feel myself again.”

He almost laughed, how could he resist this one? “If I agree to train you,” he said, “your clothes will be taken away.”

Her eyes were focused on the floor at his feet. She nodded, but he said, “You will respond with, ‘yes, Sir,’ at all times.” Quickly, she glanced up, “Yes, Sir,” she said. She had known that she wouldn’t be allowed clothes for her stay. Rather like a nudist colony, she thought. Although Sir was completely dressed, so maybe not so much like a group of nudists.

“There will be rules to obey,” he continued, “and failure will be punished.”

He paused, and she quickly said, “Yes, Sir.”

”Do you need discipline?”

She hesitated, surprised by the sudden heat between her thighs. “Surely,” she thought, “the idea of discipline doesn’t turn me on.” But she noticed she was throbbing, she thought her pussy was actually wet.

The pause lingered a bit too long and he said, “Being slow to answer may be punishable too, what’s in your mind, little one?”

“Oh, I am – I am -“ frantically she tried to think of an acceptable lie, but failing to come up with anything, she blurted out, “When you said that, Sir, it – um, it kind of made me, you know,” her voice dropped, “it kind of turned me on. Discipline, the idea of discipline did, Sir. Isn’t that weird?”

He laughed then at the surprise in her voice, adding quickly, “Not weird at all, little one. For submissive girls, and guys too for that matter, living out there in the world without discipline, without someone to serve, it’s very difficult. You must have been lonely and sad.”

He was not surprised that she began to cry. She had, indeed, been very lonely and sad. Having someone recognize that – and not just any someone, but Sir, who both thrilled and terrified her, was so unexpected and welcome that – she didn’t even know why she was crying.

Quickly, he moved closer to her, close enough to take her face between his hands and raise it up to him. “I think you will feel better,” he said gently, “when you are naked, and have been spanked soundly and are prepared to be presented. Fed too, maybe, if you’re a good girl.”

His hands held her firmly, gently cupping her cheeks. She nuzzled into him, rather the way a dog or a cat would, he thought.

”Yes, Sir, please, Sir,” she said, ‘You will take me then?”

He had already pushed the buzzer on his desk to summon his assistants. The door opened behind her and she heard footsteps, but he kept her from turning her head to see who had come in.

”David,” he said, “Sarah, thank you. This one is going to be staying with us for a while. Make sure she’s -“ he paused and there was a hint of laughter in his tone, “make sure she’s well taken care of.”

The girl seated in the chair – Elena, her name was – felt a moment’s trepidation at those words, but it was too late to worry about it.

”Stand,” he said, releasing her face, and she rose, feeling a bit shaky. “Undress,” he said, “We can keep your clothes in the closet up here. Sarah and David can help you if you need help.”

She could feel them standing right behind her, but she didn’t want them to touch her. Quickly, thinking only to avoid that with her obedience, she pulled her sweater off, tugged her pants down, slipping off her shoes to step out of them. She hesitated then, but thinking she sensed movement behind her, she unhooked and discarded her bra, pulled her panties down.

It was as if only then she realized that she was completely naked. Her mouth went dry and she gasped, heart pounding, face red and hot. But “Good girl,” he said, “good girl.”

And he stroked her. Her arm, her back, her face. Calmer, she was able to breathe more easily.

“I think I’ll spank you before you leave,” he said. “Just to welcome you. Sarah, let me use your flogger, plea Elena, shall we begin your lessons?”

She gasped, but this time there was pleasure and anticipation mixed with the fear. “Yes, Sir, please,” she said.

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