Butterfly Banner

There have always been reasons I come back to post here. Used to be something kinky would be on my mind and this was the best place to share it. Today, it’s not anything kinky.

But I found this picture on pixabay and fell in love with it.

It needs some text on that blank spot there, and someday, there will be something that clearly belongs there. Until then, I’ll just leave it here and pop in to look at it from time to time.

I’m feeling pretty ok these days. I think I’m doing some healing from the pandemic – like we all are, I hope. Things are about the same at home, but I’m handling it better. Sometimes, anyhow.

I just missed celebrating Fall Equinox, but I bought some flowers today and my heart is full of love.

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Banner

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Do you know what’s happened to Jade? I’ve been a regular reader of her blog, but she hasn’t posted in a long time. I was wondering if she’s okay. I’d appreciate any information.

    Thanks, ✌🏻


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