Melancholy at the Beach

Melancholy is a lovely word, isn’t it? The feeling is not so pleasant, but not terrible either, and if I’m going to feel melancholy, the beach is a good place to do it.


Lonely by default, I think. Not a great friend, I’m here when you reach out but I’ll let forever go by, thinking of you warmly, never saying a word. As if a FB “like” says it all.

I was looking for lonely music and found this song. Country music of course. YouTube won’t let me embed it, so I’ll try it as a link: Running Kind. If that doesn’t do it, just search YouTube for Running Kind – make sure you get Merle and not his kids.

Also this: (Waylon Jennings – Lonesome On’ry and Mean)

Oh! And some more Waylon here Waymore’s Blues. Actually I might just be a Waylon fan. Sigh..

Anyhow, there I was on the beach feeling melancholy and lonely, and then I thought, you know, if I’m going to be all blues-ed out, I might as well be on the beach while I’m feeling it. And that made me laugh a little bit.

I’m doing better these days. Work is good, and if home isn’t great, I’m thinking about options. You know, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover…. Kidding, just kidding…

13 thoughts on “Melancholy at the Beach

  1. Melancholy – melan meaning black
    Choler refers to choler, one of the bodily humours. Black bike.
    One day, when time travel is a reality, you will able to travel back in time, where a medieval barber/surgeon will analyse your humours and determine why you are in a “bad humour”. What is the source of your imbalance in humours?
    It would be ironic if the prescribed treatment is a bare-bottom spanking from the most awesome dom you ever met.

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  2. I like going to the beach to let the waves draw the loneliness or sadness out with them. I find it soul cleansing . Maybe some day you’ll allow that to happen as well .

    Most times ( at least in my case) I believe loneliness is a choice. Not a conscious one, but it does snowball into more loneliness. The cure? Become that good friend and reach out beyond liking a FB post. Trust me it slowly starts to reverse the feeling, unless you’ve gotten to the point where you take comfort in your loneliness 💕

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    • Thanks, Willie. I always think the ocean brings my feelings to the surface, which is beautiful in its own way.

      I have to appreciate how you can see the way to resolving things and making change. That’s a real gift! Thanks, Willie. 💜


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