Happy Valentine’s Day!

Better days today – MP’s daughter seems to have a plan and she’s not feeling overwhelmed with despair, not when she talked to MP anyhow. So that’s all good. The story in our heads has changed and even though it’s still bad and still hard, it no longer weighs as much.

Thanks to those of you who reached out, in comments or other ways. I really appreciate the support.

And you know, feelings come and go like waves in the ocean, unless we hold on to them. So I’m letting go of my old age angst and moving forward with what is. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Yesterday, I went for a walk and wandered into a little shop – the kind of place that smells like incense and sells crystals and tarot cards. The man working the counter was also making candles, removing them from the molds that shaped. Since it was my first time there, he said I could have a free candle from a rack of small candles, “skulls and cats,” he said. But there weren’t just skulls and cats.

There were exquisitely molded penises. Only about an inch high, about the size of my thumb. They came in red, blue, and purple. Of course, I selected the purple one. He put it in a cute little bag too.

You can see how realistic they are! (Yes, my backdrop is made up of blue post-it notes. Not really professional looking…) But I figure we all need a little phallic energy from time to time and maybe this will generate some for me.

Which leads my mind into my past explorations of the phallus, symbol of fertility and source of life and libido.

Ok, enough of that, I really just came by to say I’m feeling better, and appreciative of you all, and phallic energy, which I need more of.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

13 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • And thank you!!

      They are realistic aren’t they! Do you think it’s just a reflection of me not having any real ones to play with that I’m so delighted with them? Lol

      Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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