Book Club, Anyone?

I started reading a book called Existential Kink, by Carolyn Elliot. It is fascinating.

Anyone here read it?

I already disagree with her on some things (not a surprise to anyone who knows me well.) But they’re not show stoppers, I just have to make some mental adjustments.

It’s not a kinky book – not sexual anyhow. It is kinky in its way of thinking. It embraces the idea that bringing our hidden longings into the light of day and acknowledging them is essential to a well-lived life and helps us not be controlled by them unconsciously.

(Full Disclosure: I’m only on Chapter One. My commentary is pretty theoretical – made up of “seems like,” and “maybes.”)

But THIS is a really interesting article about it.

And since I’m a fan of shadow work anyhow, it’s a natural fit for me. AND it kind of captures the beauty of BDSM.

I’m really interested to see where it takes me… Anyone else want to ride along?

17 thoughts on “Book Club, Anyone?

  1. I would if i wasn’t trying desperately to finish listening to all the missed podcast episodes… I’ve really got to figure out a better way to listen to stuff. Will be interesting to hear what you have to say about it tho.

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