IRL Interlude

I had thought I was going to finish Part 3 of Her Friday Check-In, but I’m tired and not feeling great today Canceled clients and meetings this morning to sleep. Running a bit behind on some admin stuff, so I’m hoping to take my time and catch up on all that today.

My attention is so fragmented these days, I can’t make myself get myself to allow myself to finish one thing without stopping to do something else every minute or two. That means everything takes longer, details get lost in the back and forth, and I make more avoidable mistakes. Not really helpful.

Even just now – writing this – I checked my email, looked at next week’s schedule, wrote down an appointment, and checked fetlife for messages inbetween paragraphs. Then I came back, accidentally erased a paragraph, and had to write it all over again. Ridiculous.

I’m hoping Sonya’s Sir, Sean, can help her figure out what she needs to do to show up the way she really wants to… maybe I could learn from him.

Beyond that, I am wondering what the deal is with people on Fetlife and Kik. Everybody (ok, two people) wants me to get on kik. I don’t think I’m going to – good grief, I have enough other distractions already!! I did get on google chat though, which is probably just as bad. Sigh.

I feel so scattered.

Ok. I’m going to see if I can work for 25 minutes straight, without getting distracted. Wish me luck.

11 thoughts on “IRL Interlude

  1. Hey stop stressing you don’t need to pressure yourself..Remember your health mental and physical is your priority…I don’t know the deal on fetlife its half fakes..don’t let it get to you.

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    • Thanks, M. That’s a really good reminder. And omg, of course you’re so right about Fetlife! Sometimes it’s just funny and sometimes it’s absolutely scary. In fact, I have a story today…


  2. Deep breaths Olivia, you will get through everything you need to do, and don’t stress about the rest. I can totally relate to having trouble focussing too. My mind is always a million steps ahead lol


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    • Thanks, Roz, I always appreciate the reminder to breathe! Ha, my mind’s not even a hundred steps ahead at this point, it’s just over there >>> somewhere else. πŸ˜πŸ’œ


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