More Good Times in The Land of Vanilla

Living life in the fast lane over here – ok, not really. I just like to say that, and “Just walking on the wild side” too, but you know, neither of those are exactly true. I do have some exciting interesting fairly mundane updates to share. πŸ˜€

The Noom thing is going well. I’ve now legit lost 5 pounds, and more importantly, I’m still eating better. I even went on a brief vacation trip last week, ate everything I wanted to, and still lost a bit of weight. THAT was pretty seriously exciting. But the best part was being able to NOT get caught up in eating mindlessly.

I suspect that my Noom coach may feel a bit frustrated with me. She keeps sharing tips on how to strive more effectively and be more committed and generally just be more successful. I think it’s nice that she has all these idea about what would be helpful for me, but I’ll message her back and be like, ‘yeah, thanks, that’s not going to work for me because …” and I actually feel fine about the pace I’m going and the amount of energy I’m giving it. So there’s that.

In other news, I’m still participating in that Caregivers Want to Have Sex group on FaceBook. Don’t ask me why, it’s not really satisfying, but it is interesting. So yall know how I am.

I think I’m a bit annoying to the admin (I know, imagine that!) I posted just wondering outloud what I wanted from the group and inviting others to share what they wanted. Eight or nine women responded with thoughts about what they were looking for. The admin responded with some conments about I needed to take more time and give the group a chance – ok, yes, I am doing that – I was legit just contemplating what I wanted. But I had to snort-laugh when he said:

As far as what you can get from our group, you get non-judgmental support about your sexual issues.”

Then I had to giggle because I wouldn’t share one percent of the things I’ve shared here on that page with them. But it’s sweet that he thinks that would be nice for me. And I have to remind myself that theoretically I’m just another little old lady.

Although, I did buy this t-shirt lately:

Assuming I"m just an old lady was your first mistake.

The other man that commented on the post started off telling me it was a valid question, which you know, whew, what a relief to know he approved! And then he explained to me that he knows what it’s like when you choose an alternate sexual lifestyle. There’s guilt and it changes you forever and yet it has great benefit, and he wouldn’t do it differently. Of course that made me laugh too. Thanks for breaking that down for me.

You might be thinking that it’s a bit mean of me to be so amused when they were probably just trying to be nice and reassuring. Whatever. I actually bring my mean streak over here so I can enjoy it in public privacy, so thank you for playing. πŸ’œ

But life is generally good, I’ve done a bit of traveling, which has been lovely, and am excited about my marketing and my practice. My libido is in the deep freeze, pretty much, except every once in a while when I can’t sleep. Then I whip out my Johnson (I swear that’s what it says on the bag) and have a quick “she felt hands on her body, with the blindfold she didn’t know which of the men was touching her,” kind of fantasy. Or it could be a “you don’t think you should get a spanking? Go to the corner, pull your pants down, and think about it for a bit, or maybe you need the plug in your ass to really see what you need,” kind of fantasy. In either case, release is quick and sleep is easy to find after that.

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