From the Tarot Deck

I’ve started playing with my Tarot cards a bit – every morning, I shuffle the cards a bit, pick one and read the description of it in my little book. Each description has a small healing prayer, and that’s been nice. I’ve done it the last 5 days – and, interestingly, I’ve picked two of the cards twice. “White Buffalo Woman” and “Uluka Vahini.” Got each one of them twice, in 5 days.

White Buffalo Woman is about hope and harmony – or the “hopeful heart.” Uluka Vahini is about justice, with the symbol of an owl. “Riding the white owl to justice.” Interesting, right? I’m sure that means something important, and I’m just sitting with it for now.

In other news, I didn’t do a tenth of the things I’d planned to do with my down time, but that’s ok. I did some other things. I found a therapist I like, which was a major, major accomplishment. I got a refund from my first efforts and tried a different platform, and was quickly matched with the perfect (for me) therapist. That has already been helpful.

And I went to the beach. So there’s that.

8 thoughts on “From the Tarot Deck

  1. I’ve been reading cards for about 25 years and you will find everyone has their own cards— ie only get certain cards. That’s why I always deal myself first to see if they are “awake” and how I can recognize big shifts in my life— a different card appears

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  2. Interesting cards Olivia. I’m so glad you found a therapist that’s a good fit for you and that you received a refund. Sounds like you had a nice week of down time 🙂


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