“Now,” he said. “Now, we can begin.”

She looked up at him and smiled.

He patted his thigh, “Come,” he said. “Over my lap. You’ve been neglected, and I need to punish you for it.” He was smiling too.

“But, Sir,“ as she spoke, she rose from her knees and draped her body over his legs. “If I’ve been neglected, why am I the one that needs to be punished?”

He laughed. “Well, someone has to be punished. I’m not going to punish myself, so it must be you.” He moved her body forward a bit, which raised her ass over his left leg. He stroked it, enjoying the soft, cool skin. She wiggled a bit, raising her ass even higher.

His fingers probed between her thighs and she spread her legs more widely, giving him easier access. He could hear her making little sounds of pleasure.

He started spanking her with his hand. Slowly, rubbing her ass in between every few strokes. He felt her skin growing warm under his hand, starting to turn pink. Every few minutes, he’d slip his hand between her thighs, enjoying the wetness and her squirms as she tried to maneuver so his fingers would be inside her.

When the sounds of her pleasure had become a bit louder, he switched to the ruler. He did not hit her hard, but it landed firmly and the tenor of her sounds changed. Pain mixed with the pleasure, not overriding it, but mingling. Like a cocktail, he thought, there had to be the right mixture.

He began to concentrate on her sit spot, adjusting his leg so that area was more exposed. For a moment, she resisted, as if she would try to avoid the blows. But, “Baby. Let me have your ass,” he said.

She gave a little sigh, but relaxed her body, shifting to make it easier for the blows to land where he wanted. “Good girl,” he said, and he paused to rub and caress. When he started again, the strokes were harder, landing with more of a crack.

She whimpered and pressed her thighs together, but he used the ruler to direct her to open them again. This time, the ruler landed on her upper thighs and she cried out.

“Five more,” he said. “Keep your legs open.” It was really 10 more, 5 on each thigh and he landed them hard, too quickly for her to absorb the pain before the next one came. By the time he was done, she was gasping, “oh, oh, Sir, oh…”

He stopped, and in one quick moment, pushed two fingers inside of her, making her cry out with pleasure and press back into his hand. She was incredibly hot and wet. He pulled his fingers out, traced the welts he had raised on her thighs.

“Good girl,” he said, “There’s my good girl.” He paused, wanting to give her time to settle. “Here,” he said, “Let’s get you up for a minute, you need to drink water.“ He helped her up, then let her slide to the floor so she was kneeling in front of him again, tucked up between his legs.

“Drink,” he said, holding the glass to her lips. She drank, obediently.

Then, “Sir,” she said.

He raised his eyebrows. “Yes, girl?”

“Do you think I might be able to suck you cock? Please, Sir?”

“Maybe,” he said. “If you’re a good girl, I might let you.” They both knew that he would let her. What he didn’t know, what she had never told him, was that in this moment, she felt like she was actually asking for a favor that he might or might not grant her. That in this moment she could almost taste him and she longed for that. Craved feeling him fill her mouth, licking him as he grew harder, taking him into the back of her throat until — she shivered, bringing her attention back to him now.

He was holding the butt plug on the palm of his hand, balancing it. That sent a different sensation through her and she caught her breath. “Sir?” she said, raising her eyes to meet his gaze. He nodded and she swallowed the immediate protest that rose inside her.

“Get in position, sweet girl,” he said. He watched her struggle. Her heart was beating wildly, she didn’t see the lube and that sent her into a panic too, although even with it, she hated the feeling, hated what it was like as it slid in, stretching her open and – slowly, she turned so her back was to him, bent forward putting her forehead to the ground. Raised her ass, pushing it up so he had free access to her pussy and ass.

She hated this position, the humiliation of being open to his gaze like this, and he loved that she would humble herself for him.

She smelled the lube before she felt it. He coated the dildo and his fingers, then pushed a finger into the narrow entrance. She tightened instead of opening, and he shook his head. She made this much harder than it needed to be. That was exactly why she needed it though. She felt him pushing through her resistance and whimpered. Slowly, he worked a second finger into her.

“Open,” he said gently. “Who does this ass belong to? Whose ass is this anyhow?” He began to move his fingers, still gently but increasing the pressure. “Who?”

“Yours,” she gasped, “my ass is yours.” He pulled his fingers out then, and she gasped again, pleasure at the pressure being removed, but mixed with a sense of loss, somehow, a feeling of emptiness. Then the butt plug, sliding in, filling her completely, filling her mind too. Quite suddenly, her resistance drained away, she was open now, open to the butt plug and anything else he wanted from her.

“Sir,” she said. “Sir…” she wanted to tell him how she felt, but she didn’t have words at all.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, baby. I’ve got you.”

mask, handcuffs, tasseled whip

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