Christmas Eve

It’s been a tough year in so many ways for so many of us. Here’s hoping you’re finding some joy in the moments.

Here’s a musical treat to brighten your day…

12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

    • Thanks, Fondles, I’m SO with you on the less sucky part!! I hadn’t listened to Jim Reeves Christmas music before – listening now. What a lovely voice he has! Merry Christmas to you and yours. 💜


      • I’m glad you like it. He’s the first album I reach for EVERY YEAR. BIKSS is probably sick of him by now. LOL. I make him listen in the car too! I also like the Supremes Christmas, as well as Boney M. These are albums I grew up listening to at my parents’ home and it reminds me of easier less-stressful Christmases!

        Blessed season!

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      • Lol, I imagine BIKSS might be a bit tired of it, but I love it! Nobody here (in my house) appreciates Xmas music except me and the kids, but I play it anyhow. It just makes it feel like Christmas. 💜


  1. Awww – you have perfect timing Olivia. I was in the mood for some new music and it turns out, it’s going back in time that I was really missing. Here’s hoping we all stay healthy and safe this season. Hugs to you and yours. Come on 2021. We have nowhere to go but up!

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  2. As we wrap up this shit show of a year, one fact stands out proudly, we did all survive. A little worse for wear and maybe stressed a bit, definitely. But, we did ride it out to the end, at least for now, we have a modicum of a plan as to dealing with moving forward into the New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2021 Olivia.

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    • It has, indeed, been a shit show. And you’re so right, surviving has been an accomplishment! Thank you for the reminder, and the support. Looking forward to a fresh new year (so to speak) and lots of good times ahead… 💜

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