I had not thought about positions in a while. They came to mind today and I had to look up Gor slave positions, just for the fun of it. I found this delightful description of training poses, which both appalls and thrills me.

Slave Positions

Gor slave material still gives me the guilty pleasure that I used to feel reading Story of O. I don’t want it to turn me on. I also wouldn’t want to actually live that life – but I would have enjoyed role playing it a bit, back in the day. At least, I think I would have.

When I read the descriptions, it’s as if I can feel myself doing that, doing what they’re describing, and it warms me, well, you know, it turns me on a lot, and at the same time, I feel the twist of shame in my belly. And somehow, that turns me on too. It’s very strange. And very familiar.

Digging a bit deeper into the website on Gor, I find The Challenge of Gor, which makes a halfway decent case for the idea that sexuality on Gor is actually freeing for women. It is probably true that left to our own devices, women’s sexual drives are at least the equal of men’s. I mean, for centuries, they’ve been trying to make sure we’re under control.

It is also necessary that we study the inherent biology and the sex drives of both male and female humans. Again, looking from a historical perspective, we can see that in patriarchal cultures the superior sexuality of the female was as feared as it was worshipped in the matriarchal cultures. Clearly, both cultural types admitted that the sexual capacity of the female exceeded that of the male. Traditional efforts to overcome this female advantage included the harem, the cultural ideal that “proper women” did not and should not enjoy sex, the idea of “original sin” with its emphasis on female guilt and or course, female genital mutilation.


But the “reality” of Gorean slavery is not quite the female liberation this suggests. After all, whippings and being used with no consideration for consent are not exactly equal rights ingredients.

I still remember vividly the first time I read Slave Girl of Gor. The girl is used in a game where she’s blindfolded, a bell attached to her ankle, and forced to try to get away from 4 men. They are blindfolded too, but able to locate her by the sound of the bell. If she stands still more than a set length of time, she’s switched, which of course makes her cry out and move.

The first three men to capture her can take her any way they choose, and after each one uses her, she’s expected to play again. Only the fourth man does not get a chance to enjoy her.

Later that night, she’s chained, alone in her tent, and awakes in the middle of the night, more aroused than she’s ever been. She’s shocked by the realization that she has not been chained so she can’t run away – they’re in the desert, there’s nowhere to run to. She’s been chained so she won’t disturb her master in the night. So she won’t disturb him by waking him and begging him to take her.*

This echoes the voice of O her first night in the house when the valet is putting her to bed. He chains her so she can’t touch herself, and she realizes that “her lips, her nether lips, are burning, and that perhaps that’s because she knows that she’s open to any of the men, to the valet, Pierre, if he cares to enter.”**

In Gor, they call that kind of arousal “slave heat.” I am both drawn to this and repelled. It arouses me and frightens me and shames me – and leaves me hot and longing to be fucked, to serve, to be taken.

This comes from Gor Slave Positions.
The position is the most basic one, nadu.

*This is how I remember it happening. I didn’t look it up for this.

**Not an exact quote – this is just the way I remember it.

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