Music Potpourri

For your listening pleasure…

I have the pandemic blues. So many things today just hurt my heart, watching my family suffer from the many varieties of loss that we swim in. Maybe I’m not a control freak, maybe I’m just acutely aware of all the things I can’t control.

Because ultimately it’s always about love. Not enough love, not the right love, misspent love, I dunno. I think I’m just liking the sound of my own words. You know?

On the other hand, these were the days, my friend…

Flashbacks to the late 60’s, early 70’s. Dancing alone in my bedroom, eager to head out into the world. Passionate and unafraid. Little knowing…

Bringing it home with Born to Be Wild. I totally thought this expressed my spirit. Yeah. I was a silly girl. And now I’m old and tired because that’s how it works. Who was it – some famous somebody who said “youth is wasted on the young.”

But wait – with all this pandemic awfulness, why isn’t there a Pandemic Blues song? Lo and behold, there is! There are several, but this one fit with my very strange mood. Enjoy.

How are youall doing? For real?

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