How I Lost the Day

I missed posting yesterday. That’s because my whole day was turned upside down.

The night before, Monday night, I decided I was going to get some sleep for sure. So I took a dose of this prescription cough medicine with codeine I had still hanging around from a couple of years ago. What I had forgotten is how hard that stuff hits me.

So I slept…

And I slept…

And I slept some more…

It felt pretty wonderful to spend that much time totally relaxed. I didn’t actually get up until about 10:00, which is five hours later than my regular time and three hours later than my “sleeping late” time.

But then I was still groggy until about 1:00 or 2. I had to cancel a couple of appointments. I got behind on a bunch of stuff. So I ended up working til 11:00 last night to make up for it.

Which is why I wasn’t here. But it was totally worth it for those lovely moments of drifting back into sleep, no coughing , and no worries either. Now I’m back…

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