The Game

“Come here,” he said, and she did, quickly, kneeling at his feet the way he liked.

“Good girl,” he said, with a smile, patting her head, and then smiling more since he knew she hated when he patted her head. She smiled back, refusing to react.

“I want to spank you,” he said. “And play with you.”

A shiver of excitement ran through her. She loved when he wanted to spank her for his own pleasure. And play with her too – that was lovely. She knew that she would love it too. “Yes, Sir,” she said, and waited, listenng attentively.

“Do you agree to submit to my choice of play, without knowing in advance what I have planned?”

Oh, that made it even more interesting! She wondered what he was planning. Last time it had been a board game. You threw the dice, moved your icon, and then drew a card. The card might say, “5 hard whacks with the paddle on the right cheek.” Of course, if she drew the card, she was on the receiving end of those whacks, whereas if he drew it, he was giving.

She smiled, remembering that and then realized she hadn’t answered him, and gasped, “Yes, Sir! Of course Sir.”

He laughed. “Ok,” he said, “Here’s how it works.” It was a spinner, and he let her hold it, look at it. The spinner was divided into quarters – red, blue, green, and yellow. It reminded her of twister a little bit. But beyond that it didn’t make sense.

The spinner could land on: Right breast, Left breast, or Cunt. That was the blue section and it was labelled “Clothespins.” The red section was marked “One to Ten” and the individual areas were “Crop,” “Paddle,” and “Belt.” Then there was a section marked “Fingers or Cock,” which was green, and the spinner might land on mouth, cunt, or ass. The final section was Blue and marked “Pick your Pleasure,” while the 3 parts were, “Whatever the D wants,” “Wild Card,” and “Spin Again.”

She looked at it for a minute, rocked back on her heels, pussy throbbing. She had a feeling that she was missing something, that this should be clear to her, but it seemed foggy. How – what? She lifted her face to him, letting her question show.

He laughed. “It’s really simple. Look. You spin. Say it lands in the blue “Clothespins” section on Right breast. We put a clothespin on the right breast. If there’s already a clothespin on it, then we take it off. Left breast, cunt lips – same deal. Cool, right?”

She looked at the spinner, looked at him. “Um. Um, cool, yes, yeah, sure, very cool.”

He nodded, “Now, look at the red section, the One to Ten section. Obviously, if you land there, you’ll end up getting spanked – well, actually not spanked, but cropped, paddled, or whipped with a belt.” She looked at it, imagining what that would be like, to land on it and get cropped. Or paddled. The belt, she loved the belt, but…

“How many do you get?” she asked, and she noticed her voice was a bit shaky.

“Oh, that’s the beauty of it,” he said, “There are lots of different ways to decide. You can roll the dice. Or I might make you pick. You could go by what month it is, or you know, there’s no limit to ways you could decide. ” He laughed, “I mean ‘ways I can decide – not that YOU could decide. Obviously, you won’t be doing any deciding.”

“No, Sir,” she said demurely, “I didn’t think that I would be.”

He went on. “Then there’s the green section. It’s up to the players if they’re going to use fingers or cocks, and how they’ll decide, but obviously, what ever the spinner lands on is what gets filled.”

“And – ” he was clearly excited about this – “You can play this with more than one couple. Imagine if 3 or 4 couples were playing, how interesting this could get.”

But she was already imagining it, her nipples with clothespins dangling, a cock in her mouth, another cock in her cunt, and fingers in her ass. She shuddered, oh, my. She didn’t even like multiple players but oh, my. Her nipples tingled, and she wished they’d get started.

“This last section,” he said, “Is just for fun. Obviously. What do you think?”

She looked at the spinner, and she looked at him. She imagined what this was going to be like, how often she would be moaning or crying out, pleasure and pain mingled. She laughed. “I think it’s going to be lovely,” she said.

“Me too,” he grinned. “Look, I’ve got everything we need right here, clothespins, crop, paddle and belt. Get your clothes off, quick. Let’s get started. Now, girl, now.”


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