Was it last week that I was exhausted from child care? Or the week before? Who knows, who cares… this week I’m exhausted from doing my own work.

Um, “this week?” It’s Monday, for goodness sake. But I’ve worked about 16 hours today – took breaks for lunch, dinner, and to do a bit of clean-up around the house, but that’s it. And then I realized that I needed wanted to do a blog post before bed.

I was trying to figure out why I was able to be super-productive today, and it occurred to me that part of it is because MP is out of town. So it’s very quiet here. No interruptions during the day, and after the kids came home from school, they were busy with other things for the most part.

I think that’s important. I’m going to start setting office hours and really using my screen when he comes back to see if it helps.

But I feel like something else is going on. I started doing things that I’ve been procrastinating on for ages. Maybe it was the coaching session I had this morning with my new mentor-coach. Maybe it’s my new perspective on self-compassion mindfulness. Maybe it’s cause I’m 64.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow is like. In any case, it feels really good to be able to focus like I have today.

4 thoughts on “Omigoodness

  1. Good on you being so productive Olivia. It’s a good feeling isn’t it 🙂

    Maybe a combination of having your own time back after the child care and MP being away, giving you even more time to yourself.


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    • Thank you, Roz, it is a wonderful feeling. And yes, you might be right, that combination of things makes me feel like I really have the time and space I need. It’s pretty cool


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