An Audio Book Night

“Come here,” he said.

And she did. Last night and the strapping she had received still fresh on her mind, ass still a bit tender, she came right away.

She knelt at his feet and waited attentively.

He watched her for a minute, maybe two, half smiling. Then, “I thought we’d listen to another chapter of one of our books,” he said. “You can sit at my feet.” She nodded eagerly. “Yes, Sir!”

She didn’t ask what they would read, she knew he would decide, and if he wanted her input, he’d ask. But she slipped into the space he made between his feet. She was allowed to lean back against the chair, his big recliner, and she settled in quite comfortably there. She put an arm around each of his legs and leaned her cheek against the left leg. Her knees bent and open. Even though he couldn’t see her pussy from that angle, he could lean over and touch her quite easily if he chose to.

They listened to audio books on his phone, usually with some kinky themes. It could be from the Masters of the Castle series, The Ethical Slut, or The Story of O. She never knew what to expect.

She had complained once about his selection, and he had punished her by making her listen to all 3 of the 50 Shades of Gray books. Not all at once, thank goodness, but she had never complained again.

So she didn’t know what it would be tonight. It didn’t matter. Almost always, she ended up so wet and needy that she was begging him to let her cum.

Sometimes, he made her lie on her back and prop her legs up in his lap. This gave him an unencumbered view of her pussy. He would have her touch herself, starting and stopping at his command, of course. It was exciting, but it made it hard to pay attention to the book. Sometimes, he would pause the book and quiz her, rewarding or punishing her quickly as she deserved.

The punishments often involved her feet, since they were up on his lap anyway. But they could also require a whole new position. They were never harsh on these nights. More like funishment, she thought, smiling.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said happily

“Here,” he said, “Pull your top down so it’s under your breasts – there you go – I want to see those nipples. I want to know exactly when they start getting hard.”

She laughed. Her shirt was low cut anyhow and easily adjusted to comply. Exposed to the cool air, her nipples immediately got hard, and he leaned over to pinch them.

“Quit distracting me, horny girl,” he said, laughing too, as he hit “play” on his phone.

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