Connections – Part II {17}

The dungeon was in full swing by the time they got there. Music playing, lights dimmed, people milling around in various stages of undress, the sound of a paddle and a few gasps and moans already in the air. Sofia smiled. How quickly it all started to seem familiar.

But they were not headed for the play area. Lucas led her down a short hallway, stopping at one of the classrooms. Inside, there were already a couple of people seated around a round table, a man and a woman. Sofia recognized Mistress Molly from her first visit to the dungeon, but not the man. Mistress Molly nodded at her and Sofia nodded back. It occurred to her that the Domme might treat her a bit differently since she was wearing this collar. Before, she had felt like an equal. Now, she was unsure of her place.

Lucas pulled out a chair for her, and that reminded her that she was supposed to lift her dress when she sat. With him standing behind her, he could observe her closely and that made her even more uncomfortable. She wondered what he would do if she ignored his directive, and decided she didn’t want to chance it.

As quickly as possible, she flipped her skirt up in the back and sat. There. Done. She felt Lucas’ hand on her shoulder and knew that was a sign of his approval. The plastic seat was cold and not very pleasant, but her lips curved up in a hint of a smile.

Lucas settled himself at the table, greeted Ms. Molly and the other man, Simon. He introduced her with a simple, “This is Sofia,” and didn’t bother introducing them to her. This made her squirm a bit, her chest felt tight and her breathing was a bit shallow. Sofia was not used to being disregarded.

While she was reminding herself to breathe, the door opened and a young woman entered with a tray of bottled water. Simon nodded at her as she placed water in front of each of them, and at an empty fifth place at the table. Sofia would have smiled at her, but the woman’s gaze was firmly on her task and she didn’t make eye contact.

Finishing, the woman sank to the floor beside Simon. He didn’t look at her, but Sofia watched his hand drop to stroke her hair, watched the woman kiss his hand before releasing it. When the door opened again, Mistress Molly’s submissive, Billy, brought in a tray of fruit, which he arranged on the table, passing out little plates and a small fork for each of them. Then he took his place on the floor beside Mistress Molly.

Sofia tried to keep her expression neutral, but she suddenly felt rather proud of being allowed to sit at the table! When the last member of the group arrived, another man, who Sir Lucas greeted as Ryan, Sofia was reminding herself that she’d been told to listen and wasn’t expected to participate. She still had some feelings about that, swirling around in her chest, she calmed herself with the assurance that Lucas knew what he was doing, that she was only required to obey.

She spent some time mentally reminding herself that she was here as submissive girl, not as someone who needed to be responsible and make decisions. Tonight, she was here to please Master Lucas, and all her energy could serve to follow his directives. Once she had relaxed into that, she tried to tune in to the discussion around her.

They were talking about a project. Building permits. And regulations. Restricted uses. Apparently, the land had been bought, the plans approved. Plans for what? She had no idea. Two buildings or one building? One building now and one later, or both at the same time?

She had no idea what they were talking about. Her mind drifted, she found herself thinking about Lucas, wanting to – oh! She blushed at her own thoughts. She wanted to sit at his feet. She wanted to cuddle up against him.

With a mental sigh, she turned her attention back to the discussion. They were on financing now, talking about different banks and rates for loans. She faded out again.

She wondered if he was going to let her cum tonight. She thought he probably would. She hoped he would. But she knew that sometimes, especially with older men, if they came once, they were done. She hoped that wasn’t the case with Lucas. Not that she needed to be fucked, that wasn’t essential, although she wouldn’t object either. But she was pretty sure if she didn’t get to cum soon, she would just explode.

She watched the woman next to Simon scoot closer, slide herself under the table and between his legs before she disappeared from view. Sofia was glad she wasn’t expected to do that, at the same time feeling a bit of longing to do just that.

When she thought about using her mouth to caress him, her belly clenched , sending waves of desire through her, and she just wanted him to touch her. But she was supposed to be listening…

Boards. They were talking about boards. Apparently, they were the board? Was that right? Was this a non-profit? But – what were they talking about? Finally, she gave up and drifted back into happy submissive mode, letting the words rise and fall around her. Lost in her memories of the spanking she had received, his touch, his hands…

At one point, he handed her his plate, gestured to the fruit, and she obeyed the silent order, placing several strawberries, a slice of cantaloupe, and a couple of chunks of pineapple on the plate before gently putting it back in front of him. He gestured to her plate, and she took some for herself as well. She ate slowly, savoring the flavors. But part of her mind was still in the apartment, on her knees, or over his knee, wondering what would come next.

She startled when Lucas stood. She had no idea how much time had gone by. He touched her shoulder and she stood too, looking to him for direction. “Come,” he said. She fell in behind him, as he led her out of the room.

He didn’t speak as they made their way up in the elevator, and she began to feel a bit anxious. Had she let him down in some way? Or was he just distracted by the meeting? She reminded herself that he didn’t have to think about her every minute of the day – even though it seemed like he had taken over her mind.

Outside the apartment, he paused. Pulled her close to him for a minute, and she could feel his heart beating, then her own, beating in sync. He kissed the top of her head. “You did good,” he said, and she knew he was smiling. Relieved, she put both arms around his neck, letting her body melt into his.

It was a long hug, and when he released her, she felt soothed and ready for whatever came next.

She stepped into the apartment and would have moved back to the chair he had been in, but he stopped her abruptly. “Clothes off,” he said.

The dress slipped off easily, and in a second the bra joined it. He took them from her, hung both items on a coat rack next to the door. “That’s where your clothes go,” he said. “Clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” She was a bit embarrassed that she’d forgotten the rule, but even more so when he said, “And a spanking is next. At this point, when you enter my space as my submissive, you’ll undress and present yourself for spanking. That may be an over-the-knee spanking, but to start, you can bend over the arm of the couch.”

He led her to the couch, arranged her so she was bent, head and torso resting on the couch, ass up. He rubbed her ass. “If I ask you to meet me here, and I’m not already here when you arrive, I expect you to do the same thing. Undress and get in position here until I arrive. Clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, a bit breathless. He was going to spank her again tonight! This was both wonderful and a bit terrifying. She could imagine herself at some point in the future arriving too early and having to wait like this until he got there. Yikes.

He rubbed again, slid his fingers down to her pussy, feeling her wetness. “At least we didn’t bore you dried,’ he said laughing and she was torn between embarrassment and pleasure. His fingers penetrated her and she gasped, wiggled with arousal, pushing back onto them more firmly. But he withdrew them, and raised his hand, brought it down on her right cheek.

She moaned. It stung and it soothed and calmed her at the same time. He spanked again, alternating cheeks, slowly, letting each one settle before landing another.

“This spanking,” he said, “is just to remind you of your submission.”

Sofia felt that she was pretty fully embracing that already, but she was not going to complain. This lovely reminder couldn’t hurt. Well, not really hurt. It was starting to leave an impression on her already sensitized ass. And really, her pussy throbbed, really, was she ever going to get to cum? Was he going to leave her in the state of lust forever?

10 thoughts on “Connections – Part II {17}

  1. Ya got me! lol Orgasm denial is one of the biggest thrills. The painful ache that leads to begging and more denial with the stern commands to wait without exception. The teasing in between and edging. OMG, Olivia. *sigh* And Daddy’s sleeping before work and will leave pretty promptly once He gets up. *giggling* Well done…. 😉

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