Plausible Deniability?

I used to be very careful not to post anything in my kinky blog that could definitely link me to my vanilla self. That has not been true for a while. At some point, I realized it didn’t really matter in my life. Particularly now that my kinky stuff is all fantasy anyhow.

Times have changed. Being kinky is no longer the completely hidden taboo that it once would have been. That’s not to say that I’m leaving a trail from my vanilla life back to here, cause I’m not. Even less would I leave a trail from vanilla me to here. That would be foolish. But if someone who knows me pretty well in real life were to pop in here, there are too many dead giveaways as to who I am.

All of which is a build-up to say that I am now the proud owner of a three-wheel electric bike. NO kidding.

No, it doesn’t actually look like that, but I thought that one was pretty. It does have a basket in back like that. It wasn’t something I “wanted” all on my own, but MP has been wanting to get one for himself for quite a while. He kept talking to me about it and I wasn’t that interested – until he was telling me about the pedal assist model. Once I realized that I could have a 3 wheeler with the option of pedaling or having assistance, it started to look a lot better.

Plus he kept talking about places we could go. Places he wanted to go, trails to ride. He wanted to go to the island where I went bike riding and ride the trails. If he had an electric bike (which he would have to have with his mobility issues) I couldn’t keep up with him on a regular bike. I didn’t want an electric bike because I need exercise. But this combination is perfect.

So once he told me about this option, I started getting excited. A three wheel bike reduces the chances of me falling and breaking a hip or something, which is a plus. I could get plenty of exercise, and not have to worry about being too tired to get home.

MP is really excited about it, so it’s something we could do together and enjoy on a regular basis. He’s still in the shopping process for his trike, but I think he’ll act pretty quickly now that I’m going to be riding mine to the grocery, the coffee shop and the park. There are even groups that ride electric bikes or trikes together, so we could maybe ride with other people. We might even start a vlog about out adventures together.

I’ve only ridden it twice so far, for short distances, and haven’t even used the motor yet. I need to get a helmet, and get better at steering. It is a bit more awkward than you might think. Sometimes, I feel like it will fall over if I quit pedaling and I have the urge to jump off before it crashes. But of course it won’t and it all just takes practice.

I’m loving it.

And speaking of things I love, you should check out David’s latest fantasy over on Dispatches from Dystopia. Just be aware that he accidentally turned off comments on the post, so he did a special, separate post where you can tell him what you loved about it, if you are so inclined.

And Sofia and Lucas are frozen in place in my head, waiting for me to set them free…

15 thoughts on “Plausible Deniability?

  1. Hi Olivia,

    How fantastic, I love that you can exercise yet have assistance when you need it. I also love that you and MP have something you can do together. I hope he finds a bike soon. Enjoy πŸ™‚


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, I get that. Although as it turned out, I could ride a bike, still. Not thoughtlessly like I did years ago. And this just seems like a better choice for me. πŸ’œ


  2. The bike looks great – hope you guys have fun.
    And I know what you mean… some of my best stories remain untold because they are too uniquely me – and while I don’t mind my kinky friends knowing vanilla me, I prefer to choose which vanilla friends know about my predilictions.


    • Exactly. Even though I don’t think being “outed” would have the dire consequences for me that I once feared, still it could be awkward. And might unnecessarily complicate my life.


  3. crap!
    please exchange the second “I” for (the correct) “e” in that word. Just as I clicked on “post comment”, I noticed the error.


    • Lol, I almost did a riff on your other comment where I pretended to notice you had an error in predilection, actually spelling it with an extra “i” instead of the correct “e.” I thought about doing a whole routine pretending I was an old time school teacher had one of those long pointer things in my hand, suggesting corporal punishment might be indicated for such a transgression. But I was giggling too hard to pull it off.

      Seriously, I would not have noticed. Neither would 96% of my readers. The 4% who might have noticed would have thought, “Oh, that’s a typo, I know Jz knows how to spell predilection.” {Full disclosure: each time I’ve written the word in this comment, I’ve gotten the red line and used spell check to fix it.}

      But this is why we love you, Jz – or part of why I do, anyhow!! πŸ’œ


      • HA!
        That *totally* reminded me of this IM snippet I had with SP a while back:

        Jz: so, what DID you rip my bodice with in this fantasy of yours?
        SP: a switch blade
        Jz: Dang! I didn’t realize that I had choices beyond hands or teethe!
        SP: and you said “How sharp is that???”
        Jz: (please ignore the Elizabethan “e” above)
        SP: and I shaved off three of pubic hairs perfectly and and one “e” too
        SP: that’s how sharp

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