I get a bit obsessive about posting every day – if I skip a day, I think I’ll fall out of the habit and start missing for weeks. I know, that’s some extreme thinking and not fact-based at all, but still. That’s what I think. So here I am, when I could be headed for bed. With nothing much to say.

So feel free to skip this post – nothing to see here. Truly. This week is whizzing by, I’ve been busy with cleaning and putting the last of the Christmas crap away, doing some work. MP is taking me on an adventure tomorrow that might involve a very early birthday present for me, so that’s super exciting.

I am falling way behind in reading Other People’s Blogs. I stopped by Fondles’ place and saw a couple of new posts, one of which included an intriguing writing prompt, but I don’t have time to do it. I need to go visit jade. I did catch up at David’s but didn’t even comment. Sigh.

I think I’m going to start a new vanilla blog. More about that another time.

13 thoughts on “Obsessive

  1. Sometimes just making those ‘gotta do it’ kind of posts are the exercise we need to be able to post the really good stuff! Habit makes it easier, and, really, writing is a craft! The more you flex those writing muscles the easier it gets, so keep it up!

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  2. Hi Olivia,

    Blogging definitely becomes an obsession. We love our daily visits, but I doubt you will disappear if you miss a day here and there 🙂 I agree with Michael, habit and you also get to practice your craft daily. You definitely are a talented writer.

    Ooh, your adventure tomorrow sounds intriguing, you will have to fill us in. Have a wonderful day 🙂


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    • It does become an obsession! Which makes me want to ask you why you don’t blog anymore, even though I know that’s really intrusive and I shouldn’t ask, so I’m not actually asking. But thanks for the kind words.

      i’m excited about our adventure today – we’ll see if anything comes of it.. And you know yall will hear about it! 💜


  3. i *know* for a fact that if i don’t write for a bit i end up taking a long long break.

    so i am familiar with your ‘obsession’. Altho, so what if we don’t write for a long long time?

    I sometimes think the stuff i write would be better suited to a vanilla audience too. but it’s kinda familiar over here… to just switch back and forth between kink and no kink, without having to worry about letting something slip.

    thanks for stopping by my place… and there’s no deadline on that snippet you know.. use it whenever. next month, next year… when you have nothing better to do… or not. *love and hugs*

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