5 Days and Counting

That’s days til Christmas you know, and the preparations have pretty much taken over my life. All my intentions to write {14} of Lucas and Sofia? Not likely to happen. Not today anyhow.

I woke up too early, again, and am also not being very productive. Sigh. I just read this article that says getting 6 hours of sleep/night has the same effect (after 10 days) of getting no sleep, in terms of cognitive functioning. Seriously.

Here’s the article, for reference: Why Having Six Hours Sleep is as Bad as None at All. I’m sure you wanted to read that…

But enough of that. I have every intention of going to “my” coffee shop today and enjoying a cup of tea. Hopefully, I won’t derail myself like I did Sunday and Wednesday and try to do everything else first til I run out of time.

Ok, time to start this day. Here’s a Xmas song to get your day off to a good start:

That’s Party Hard from This Warm December…

2 thoughts on “5 Days and Counting

  1. Hi Olivia,

    It is such a busy time don’t feel pressured to write more of the story. We will be eagerly waiting to read more when you can.

    Interesting article. Sleep is something I need to work on. I never get nearly enough sleep. I need to change some bad habits.


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    • Thank you, Roz, I will take that suggestion and not feel pressured, but I do enjoy writing it too.

      Yeah, I thought it was interesting too! I can’t seem to make myself go to bed these days… not sure what that’s about. 💜


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