Connections {5}

The server moved around the table taking orders quickly. Sofia and Lori both ordered a light meal – Sofia had a salad topped with grilled shrimp, while Lori had the same salad topped with salmon. Maybe 20 or 25 people were gathered at the table, all ages and shapes.

Sofia and Lori started chatting with people seated on their other sides. The young woman next to Lori was dressed like a cat, with whiskers, ears, and tail. Sofia’s neighbor was a young man who said he drove for Uber and hardly ever got to come to munches. But they had barely introduced themselves when someone tapped the side of a glass at the head of the table, and “Hello! Can we have your attention?” interrupted them.

A woman drew their attention to the front, but once everyone got quiet, Lucas stood and greeted the group. “Welcome,” he said, “It’s good to see some old-timers here – not to say that you’re old, just that you’ve been around a while,” and a few people laughed.

“That’s right,” a younger woman called out glancing around, “Some of us just start young,” and there was more laughter. Lucas smiled at her, nodding in acknowledgement. Sofia noticed that he had a really warm smile.

“And it’s good to see some newcomers,” Lucas went on, nodding first to someone across the table from the two women and then in the direction of Sofia and Lori. As people’s heads turned to glance at them, smiling in welcome, Sofia felt herself blushing. She smiled in return, a bit shyly.

“We’ll take a minute, while we wait for the food, to introduce ourselves. As you know, you may use your own name or a scene name, as you prefer. Tell us a little bit about yourself if you like. If you’re comfortable disclosing your kink or fetish, or whether you’re Dominant, submissive, or a furry, you’re welcome to do that. Sometimes, of course, no announcement is necessary,” and he looked at the young woman next to Lori with the cat ears. She laughed, holding up a hand as if she had claws, and meowed loudly. Others laughed and a couple of people applauded.

“I’ll get us started,” he said, and the room fell silent again. “My name is Lucas, I’m a Master, and I’ve been organizing munches and play parties with this group for about 10 years now. I enjoy rope and practice Shibari, I like spankings – giving them – and cock worship – receiving -” a bit of laughter rippled through the room, and he let it die down before adding, “And I have a deep appreciation for good girls.”

Sofia felt herself blushing again – surely he wasn’t looking at her when he said that. But he was looking at the woman next to him now, and she stood and began her introduction.

“I’m Ms. Daniela,” she said, “and I’ve been involved with this group for about 15 years now. I’m Mistress of slave billy,” gesturing to the man next to her, “and an expert with canes. If you’ve ever wanted to try getting caned but were afraid to – well, you should be!” Lots of laughter to that. “But if you want to try anyhow, let me know and I’ll be glad to show you all the pleasure of canes, whether you’re a sub who wants to know how it feels or a Dom who wants to try it on his girl. Or boy.”

Someone called out, “I can recommend it!” And there were other murmurs of agreement. Sofia shivered.

They continued around the room, some people giving only their name and whether they were Dominant or submissive, others going into more detail about who they were connected with or what they enjoyed. Sofia tried to listen and figure out what she was going to say at the same time.

She knew that she would use her real name. She didn’t have any reason to hide who she was these days, although she had used a scene name many years ago. Would she say submissive? Yes, ok maybe. She practiced mentally, “Hi, I’m Sofia, I’m submissive.” Could she say that out loud after years of not acting submissive?

Then it was her turn, and she managed to stand. She glanced at Lucas, he was looking directly at her, but he just looked friendly and interested and not dangerous at all. He smiled and she smiled back, and somehow that steadied her. Then she was able to say, just as she had planned, that she was Sofia and submissive. To her surprise, she added, “I haven’t been involved in the scene for a while, but I was in the past, and I’m glad to be here now.” Her voice trembled a bit at the end, and she was happy to sit back down.

Lucas was still looking at her, and suddenly she saw the wolf again, but, oh, not really a wolf, she realized, but a Master. A Dominant man. Who happened to live next door to her.

“Oh, fuck,” she thought, “I am so fucked.” And then, “But he’s not going to be interested in me anyhow.” His attention had moved to Lori, who was just finishing her intro, and other people around the room as they took their turn. “He was just being polite,” she thought, and turned her own attention back to the group.

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