Moments {4}

She was barely aware of the door opening, so distracted by the nipple clamps that she was not paying attention. Kneeling, hands behind her back, the bite of the clamps was almost overwhelming as they were placed on her nipples again. She tossed her head from side to side as if that would relieve the pain.

“Nipple clamps, I see…” the new voice was older she thought, but not as deep, and it didn’t soothe. “Distracting her?” he said.

Master Jon laughed. “Of course.”

She was pleased with herself for remembering that the new voice must be Master Daniel. And then the nipple clamps were removed – again – and she cried out with the new pain.

“Let’s start,” Master Jon said. “Hold still, girl,” he said, and she realized he was talking to her. “I’m going to raise this platform.”

She had no idea what he was talking about until she felt the “floor” rising up beneath her. A hand on her shoulder steadied her. She couldn’t see that she was kneeling on an adjustable platform. It had been quite close to the floor, but was now raised to waist height. This gave the men easy access to her body.

Hands, hands touched her, one hand pulled at a nipple, and a mouth closed on the other. She had been kneeling, knees wide open, rocked back on her heels. They made her bend backwards, arching her back so her hips raised up, her pussy more exposed. They parted her lips to examine the inner lips, the cleft between her thigh.

“She’s very wet.” said Master John, sliding fingers deep inside her pussy, then pulling them out, leaving her wanting more. He smacked her pussy, first with his hand, then with something else – she didn’t know what, maybe a ruler, and she tried to pull away. Fingers slid into her ass, forced their way through, and pushed her from beneath so she couldn’t pull away. The paint stick landed directly on her pussy again, and she cried out.

They released her then, let her lie back and pulled her legs forward. Planted her feet on the ground, keeping her legs spread, then pushed her knees back to her chest. This opened her even more, and when she squirmed with embarrassment, they separated and raised her feet in opposite directions. Her feet slid into some kind of stirrups, like at the doctors office, and straps encircled her ankles. She lay spread eagle, feet secured above her, while they penetrated her with their fingers in both places at once. She did not know whose whose fingers filled her pussy and her ass.

She whimpered, and then moaned. She couldn’t think beyond the sensations racing through her body, from shock to pleasure and she begin to move, pushing the fingers in her pussy deeper into her, trying to rub against the hand. She thought if she could just rub herself a bit more, she might come.

“She’s very responsive.” She couldn’t distinguish who was speaking, just the voices through a haze of pleasure, and a tinge of shame. Surely she shouldn’t be enjoying this. She moaned again.

“Don’t come,” the voice warned, and she tried to understand what he meant – don’t come? But she was just about to — “No,” the voice said firmly, and the fingers were withdrawn.

She cried out, her hips still thrusting as if she could recapture the fingers, and ride the crest til she was satisfied, but of course she was blindfolded and bound and suddenly more aware of how exposed she was.

Hands firmly stroked the inside of her thighs, “Easy, easy, girl,” she recognized Master John, and relaxed under his touch. He went on, to Master Daniel now, “I’m telling you, she’s going to be a lot of fun to train. I will have her begging me to touch her in no time.”

Master Daniel laughed. “I agree, that part will be easy. It’s learning to obey that can’t be difficult, and that’s what matters.”

“No,” Master Jon replied, “That will be easy too. She wants to be a good girl. She wants that more than just about anything.”

Listening to him, she was horrified to realize that was true. She wanted to be a good girl, and she wanted him to tell her she was. She wanted to earn his approval and praise. And – even worse – it seemed perfectly reasonable that she’d be punished if she didn’t.

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