Moments {3}

After she heard the door close, she didn’t know what to do. She was still blindfolded and she had no idea what was around her. She was almost positive that one of the men was still in the room with her, but didn’t know how close he was or if he was watching her. She was starting to feel very disoriented and a bit dizzy, just standing there, naked and blindfolded, waiting.

Just as she was thinking that she couldn’t do this anymore, that she had to move, or sit down or something, she heard him, or felt him, all in a rush, move toward her. She flinched, trying to cover herself with her arms, bending over as if that would protect her.

She knew in the next instant that this was the wrong thing to do. They had told her not to try to cover her body, and she tried to make herself stop. But she couldn’t quite do it, so she stood, half crouching, one hand across her chest, the other cupped over her bare pussy. Time seemed to slow down.

He laughed, very close to her now.

She recognized the laugh, this was the man who had forced his fingers into her ass. She shuddered.

Then his arms came around her, slowly, giving her time to unfold her body, and she felt his warmth, the crisp cloth of his shirt against her breast, and she stepped closer, melting into him, wrapping her arms around him. He stroked her hair, pushing tendrils away from her face, then wrapped her braid around his fist, tipping her head back just a bit.

She was trembling, struggling to catch her breath, and he held her firmly.

“It’s ok,” he said, gently. “It’s ok. Master Daniel will be back in a little bit. We’re going to inspect you and spank you and then put you to bed. Don’t worry,” he said, “You’re in good hands.” He paused, her breathing was slower,

Still in that reassuring tone, he said, “You’ll be well trained when your master comes back for you. We’ll teach you well.”

“Now,” and he moved back a step as he said it, releasing her hair, gently holding her forearms so she had to let go of him, “Now,” he said, “I’ll teach you first position. I want you to listen very carefully and do exactly what I tell you to do. Don’t say anything, but nod your head if you hear me, if you understand what I’m saying.”

She nodded twice, quickly, eagerly, and he said, “Good girl.” She flushed with pleasure.

“Kneel,” he said. Quickly, she lowered her self to her knees. He positioned her the way she had been earlier, rocked back on her heels, knees spread wide.

“Put your hands behind your back and leave them there,” he said.

Obediently, she clasped her hands together behind her back. It was a bit of a strain, her shoulders were sore from having held this position earlier.

“Good girl,” he said. “I know this is scary and it’s hard to wait to see what’s going to happen. I’m going to give you something else to focus on so you won’t be so anxious.”

She heard him take a few steps away, heard some noises she couldn’t identify and then he was back. He said, “Keep your hands behind your back.”

He pinched her left nipple, pulling it firmly, and quickly attached a nipple clamp. Weighted, because when he let go, she could feel the pull, and it hurt, hurt so badly, she cried out.

He laughed.

“I know,” he said, “Probably not what you were expecting. But it’s the best distraction I know.” The other nipple, quickly, firmly tugged on until it was extended enough to accept the clamp. Another gasp escaped her, and he said, “It’s ok if you cry out, or even scream. It won’t bother me. There’s no need to hold it in.”

“And don’t worry,” he said. If Master Daniel isn’t back in a couple of minutes, we can practice taking the clamps off and putting them back on until he gets here.”

She was, indeed, so distracted by the pain of the clamps, weights dangling, that it took a minute for his words to sink in, but when they did, she whimpered.

“Good girl,” he said.

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