Here We Go Again…

I wasn’t sure I was coming back. (Ok, I wasn’t gone that long. But still… I thought I might stay gone.)

But here I am. I changed my look, changed my title, changed my mind-set. And in my head, I could hear this refrain… here we go again. And googling it, found this.

It’s not about a man. It’s not about submission. I mean, it could be either of those things.

I throw all of your stuff away
Then I clear you out of my head
I tear you out of my heart
And ignore all your messagesI tell everyone we are through
‘Cause I’m so much better without you
But it’s just another pretty lie
Cause I break down

But for me, it’s about blogging.

So how did you get here
Under my skin?
I swore that I’d never let you back in
Should have known better
Than trying to let you go
‘Cause here we go go go again
Hard as I try I know I can’t quit
Something about you
Is so addictive
We’re falling together
You’d think that by now I’d know
‘Cause here we go go go again

Here we go again…

I have no idea what I’m doing here. But I’m kind of a mess. Not moving enough, not eating right, not doing any of the things that are good for me. Sigh. Feeling out of touch with myself. A little bit lonely, but surrounded by people, pretty much all the time. At least it feels that way.

I don’t know if this is going to be my exercise journal or my food diary, don’t know if I’m going to talk about Chakras or politics or the joy of growing old. Don’t know if anyone will be interested in what I say. But here I am.

I love this image of the crone in purple, hood pulled up, raven on her shoulder, cat on her lap. The quarter moon and pentagram in the dark night background. I have stolen it from a blog called Hekate’s Circle, which is kind of amazing. I think of Hekate as my goddess, the one I relate to and follow. How perfect that I’ve found her. Or she found me…

18 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. Hey I was just thinking of you the other day- how I missed reading and your comments. Loneliness is a horrible feeling, and not something I’d wish on anyone. Here’s hoping your toe back into blogland helps motivate you in some way so you can expel some of the habits and thoughts that have been holding you back.


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  2. Hi again Olivia,
    I tried to comment yesterday via my phone but my phone/wordpress was having none of it- re the comment you left on Willie’s World. Barney Married Wilma is no longer private so you technically shouldn’t have any issue accessing it. If you still do shoot me an email at and we can figure it out off of our blogs…LOL


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