FFF 2.0 6-8 & Chakras are Back

Checking-in… Steps are pathetic. I averaged 3,600. Seriously. The high was 5,100 and the low was 2,300. I didn’t go to the beach or walk anywhere all week long. I have been doing some intermittent fasting in a half-assed kind of way and my weight is hovering between 165 and 167. And my some small miracle, my glucose levels are ok.

So this one thing happened – one day, I was talking about walking to the coffee shop and MP says, “What? You’re going to walk up there?”

And I said, “Yeah, I’m thinking I might. Why?”

And he looked at me like I wasn’t very bright and said, “Well, I just remember what happened the last time you did that.”

Which brought it all back in a big rush of unpleasant memory. So I said, all cranky, “Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t ever go for a walk again!” He did his “whatever you say…” shrug, and I thought, “I can go if I want to! That’s silly! I can’t never go for a walk again!”

But I didn’t. I haven’t. I’ve been to the beach, but not walking through the neighborhood or up to the coffee shop. Now it’s become the horse I don’t want to get back on. Ugh.

However, in other news, I signed up for Chakra Dance lessons. Nooooo, not live, are you kidding? They’re on video. And super reasonably priced. And I think they’re going to be lots of fun.

The information about it said:

In an ideal world, when trauma or deep feelings affect us, we experience and assimilate those feelings, and then discharge and release the energy. However, often we don’t fully accept or deal with our inner responses at the time–sometimes we suppress and block the flow of energy and bury the memory and the feelings. The vibration of the trauma then becomes embedded into our bodies and woven into our muscles, joints, and organs. These blocked feelings of guilt, shame, pain, and fear become the tensions in our bodies, the illnesses and diseases we don’t understand.

Releasing blocked energy from our bodies is a vital part of cultivating good health and wellbeing. We might work with therapists or healers, or do whatever inner work we are drawn to do, to understand and process our feelings and experiences. But discharging the holding from our bodies is a vital step in the process that is very often overlooked.

Chakradance is a way of doing this. It’s a deeply healing practice for wellbeing. It uses dynamic moving meditations set to music specially created to resonate vibrationally with each of your 7 main chakras – the energy centers that regulate your whole mind-body-spirit energy system.

As you move your chakras, you’ll open your body to release the stuck energy that is no longer serving you. There is often a release of emotion that takes place; sometimes there is a memory, an image, or a knowing of some kind that arises at the time. As the old energy is discharged, your body will feel fluid and freer. Each time you release another trapped feeling from your body, you let go of an old pattern and you’re freed up to be more present in the moment. And you’ll feel more alive than ever before!

Doesn’t that sound lovely? If you’re interested, here’s the link. If you do it, and want to talk about it, we’ll compare notes.

10 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 6-8 & Chakras are Back

  1. Hi Olivia, please don’t let one experience put you off walking. Easier said than done I know. Maybe try taking some very brief walks then gradually increase the distance?

    The dance lessons sound interesting. I hope you find it enjoyable and beneficial. I will be interested to know how you get on.


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    • I know – that’s ridiculous! I do just need to get back out there.

      I think the dance lessons will be fun – we’ll see. You know this won’t be the last you hear of it. Hugs…


  2. Good on you for continuing to search for things you think might help. I have done many writing exercises via Daily OM. I have also STARTED many writing exercises from there too…LOL!

    Best of Luck to you on this!

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    • Thanks, Willie – I am persistent and innovative!! Lol, I’m glad you can relate to having STARTED writing exercises from Daily OM. And thanks for the luck!


  3. i’ve never heard of chakradance. But I’m gonna look it up after this.

    and don’t let one bad walk stop you. I sometimes don’t like having a destination because the idea of going *THAT* far paralyzes me – plus you have to walk BACK.. So I tell myself i’m gonna walk for as long as this song is on (sometimes in my head, sometimes on the earphones) and when it’s done, that’s it for *this* walking session – and i just wander around in a BIG LOOP and come back home.

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    • Yeah, that’s a good plan, fondles. I’ll have to try that – not planning where I”m going. I know that I need to get back in gear – thanks for encouragement!!

      Curious to see what you think if you get a chance to look at the chakra dance stuff!!


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