FFF 2.0 – 1-25-19

And things are better.

It is clear that I can only do a few goals at a time. And that’s ok. Or it’s just how it is. If I focus on the goals I didn’t meet this time, then the goals I did meet become unmet. If that makes sense.

Steps are up. I’ve really put some focus and energy there, using my 10 minute video walks and actually getting outside and walking.

  • Average = 6,492
  • High = 10,857

I quit doing yoga – I was supposed to be doing a 30-day challenge with a small group of friends. The video series was supposed to be all levels, but was way too advanced for me. On the yoga spectrum, I am closer to chair yoga than I am to yoga involving planks and side planks. I didn’t even know planks were a thing in yoga! I told myself I would find a simpler version, but I didn’t do it this week. The good news is, I can now say I’ve actually done yoga. The bad news, of course, is that it wasn’t a very good experience.

I did better with my meditation challenge, and am still in the running to succeed with that!

I’ve quit drinking alcohol – not that I was a big drinker, but I almost always had a glass of wine, sometimes two, with dinner. So I haven’t been drinking for a couple of weeks, and you might think that would promote weight loss, but no. Not so far. I’m still at 160. So there’s that.

And it also hasn’t promoted better sleep. I’m averaging about 6 hours/night, which is not really enough, but it’s mostly because I’ve been waking up too early. Not like 2 am too early but maybe an hour before I have to actually get up.

Finally, I’ve applied for a job. Not full-time, part-time with flexible hours, which would be ideal. It’s a coaching job, so that’s cool. I applied, had a first interview (which was a videotape of me answering three questions) and am waiting to hear back. I think it would be a great move at this point. I’d enjoy it and it would give me a bit of financial security while I work on building my own practice, so keep your fingers crossed. I should hear something within the next few days.

Now I think I’ll go snooze for a bit…

3 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 – 1-25-19

  1. Hi Olivia,

    I get what you say about unmet goals leaving you feeling like the met goals are also unmet. Wise to focus on less goals at a time. Way to go on the steps! Well done you 🙂 I’m sorry the yoga didn’t work out and hope you get more sleep. I definitely don’t get nearly enough either.

    The job sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you. Good luck!!


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