Breathing Again

So Friday night, on the way home from date night, i might have fallen asleep in the car.  Sir didn’t realize i was asleep and went in the house without me.  Twenty minutes later, he’s back – “Are you asleep?!!  Wake up!!  Come on in here right now.”  Lol, um, yes, Sir, as I stumbled in all groggy.

We had already agreed that we would save our kinky good times for Sunday afternoon, when the kids would be gone and we wouldn’t need to watch the noise.  He’s experimenting with all kinds of things and getting different levels of loudness  in response, so an empty house is all good.

I had forgotten that when he has me wear leather cuffs for a while, after he takes them off, I can still feel them around my wrists and ankles.  It’s a lovely sensation, almost as good as the lingering touch of rope.

But enough of that, i was spanked, then – nipples clamped – Sir played around with some ways to make me cum until i did – and a good time was had by all.  We both dozed a bit, snuggled together and that was pretty lovely.

In un-kink-related things, twice this week, i was contacted by old friends from long ago.  One of them i hadn’t talked to since the late 80’s, which is a really long time.  But the other one was my friend from high school, so we’re talking mid-70’s.   That’s a frigging long time ago.

I was glad to hear from both of them, nice to reconnect.  Also interesting that the original friendship with each of them was part of a three-people friendship.  In each case, there was a third person that they were already friends with and who introduced me to them.  I don’t know why it strikes me as meaningful that they have both re-entered my life just now, but it feels significant somehow.  Also a bit like i’m waiting for some third event to happen.

But it makes me feel as if there’s some new energy i’m putting out into the universe.   And maybe there is.



10 thoughts on “Breathing Again

  1. First time commenter, long time reader. You are a far better woman than I. I think I would have been royally p*ssed if Reed left me in the car and didn’t notice. I wouldn’t be if he did it on purpose, but as we have a history of him ‘forgetting’ things it might have been another nail in the coffin….HIS COFFIN…LMAO!

    I love when the universe brings meaningful people into the fold. Good for you for recognizing this. Best of luck engaging with your new energy!

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    • Hi! It’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad you commented! That’s really interesting that it would’ve bothered – it just made me laugh. Thinking about it, I guess I could’ve been irritated. it just didn’t occur to me. I might have been too busy feeling about having fallen asleep in the car. So I’m not a better person at all! ☺️

      I love when the new universe does it’s magic also. And again really glad to meet you. Thanks for reading.


  2. 3 is symbolic of communication, being social, and growth. In terms of people? Darling, you are the 3rd in that little trio. And they came to you. My guess is that you will be your own little new trio and you the centre of that trio.
    What do you do with that? I dont know. Introduce them to kink? Start a little coven? Get involved in a book club? I dunno.

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