FFF – 8-17-18

Just popping in so quickly – I’ve seen 157 and for 1 hot second, I saw 156.6 on the scale. Of course, I could have been hallucinating.  But I think it’s on the way.  Like frigging Xmas.

I have no time, y’all, and not much energy.   Physically and emotionally drained.  Nothing wrong, in fact, things are going well.  But I’m running on empty at the moment.

Not walking enough.  (Although – checking my FitBit, apparently I averaged 6,008 steps/day over the last 7, which is better than I thought it was.)

Not sleeping enough.  Average over the last week is 6 hours and 18 minutes.  That level of sleep won’t kill you, but it sure will leave you tired.  Too much time tied to my computer.  But i’m working my way through my coaching program, and getting lots of official practice, and building my website and that’s all good.

Date night tonight, which is exciting.  Hoping i can stay awake for the festivities after…

And I’ll finish with this – RIP Aretha, Queen of Soul…


10 thoughts on “FFF – 8-17-18

  1. Hi Olivia wow, sounds like you are busy, but things are good. Hope you manage to get some more sleep. I am constantly sleep deprived,it sucks lol.

    Good job on the steps and congrats on the weight, that is awesome:)

    Sad news on Aretha, another great icon gone.


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    • Hey, Roz – Thanks for your supportive comment – I don’t tell yu often enough how much I appreciate it! It is sad that Aretha’s gone – all the icons of my youth are going… but that’s inevitable, right? Hugs…


  2. I was at Schomburg Center for Black Research, celebrating Black Pride, when I first heard of her passing.

    You really need more sleep than you are getting, especially with so little introvert time. I don’t want you getting sick.
    Congrats on your ongoing successes with steps and food and tracking it. ❤️ love you and miss you

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  3. busy is good. think of the brain cells that aren’t dying from lack of use 🙂

    great on the weight. and the steps. and would you believe i didn’t hear about aretha f passing till last night. I feel like i’ve had my head under a rock the last 2 weeks.

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