FFF – 6-1-18 (A Quickie)

Not that kind of quickie!  In fact, do people even talk about quickies anymore?  Anyhow…

New month, new barrier busted!  I broke the 163-164 plateau and dipped down into the 162s.  Ok, it was 162.6 once and 162.8 another time, but at least it’s a new number!!

My steps count is sad, but i was sick over the weekend and lazy a lot too.  About 30,000 steps for the week.  😦   But whatever.  I did better yesterday and today.  Next week will be better.  Um, probably.

And the house still has a long way to go, but you know, most of the clutter at this point is still in the garage in boxes, so that’s not all bad.  {looks around room…} Well.  Maybe not most of the clutter.  But some.

My daughter and the grands get here tomorrow – that’s right tomorrow!!  Late tomorrow night, but still.   About 30 hours from now.  Aside from being super excited, which of course i am, but aside from that i’m also glad that my daughter can take on her part of the house after that.  Of course I can help if she wants me too.  But I won’t have to worry about where to put this bookshelf or whether to keep those plastic baskets for the kids – that kind of thing.  So that’s also super exciting!!

I’m off to the grocery now – having sushi for dinner – no i’m not cooking it, my grocery has a lovely sushi bar where i can buy it ready-made.  They make it right there and it’s really good.  A few other miscellaneous things to pick up, and we’ll be set.

AND lingering somewhere in the back of my brain is the memory of what it’s like to sit at his feet.  Of course i like to take his shoes off and rub his feet – and i like to just sit with my head on his knee.   It’s just nice to remember that feeling.



11 thoughts on “FFF – 6-1-18 (A Quickie)

  1. Hey, a new lower number on that scale is always great news! That calming place, at His feet, who would have imagined?? and…enjoy that grandma hat!!Oh…good luck getting your daughter to take some of her things back with her..I have been trying that for a while..I have now issued the…I am having a garage sale this summer, so…..hugs abby

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    • Lol, yep, those are both things of loveliness. I will enjoy the grandma hat too – but, um, they’re not leaving. I’ve bought this big ass house so we each have space the is separate and some communal space – we’ll see how that goes… Could i have done more tings to change my life? I don’t think so. Hugs…


  2. Awesome on cracking a new lower number Olivia. Sorry you’ve been sick, hope you are fully recovered now. Enjoy your daughter and grands.
    Hugs Lindy xx

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