TBT – Kinda

You know that i’m not very good at following rules, right?  Wait – that’s not quite right – i can follow rules, i’m not so good at conforming to what i’m expected to do.  So i was thinking about how to play the TBT thing that PK started here.  i like to do those kinds of things because i like to feel like i belong.  And then sometimes i can’t quite figure out how to do it right.

For example, right now.  MP and i have beginnings – they’re in a different blog – and my D/s journey started before i met him and his started before he met me – and we met on Collarme.  So there’s that.

But we never really defined what our D/s thing is.  I’m pretty sure it’s not traditional DD and i’m pretty sure he isn’t going to be a typical HoH.  But he’s busy figuring out for himself what he wants and i don’t know what that’s going to look like.  i’m not worried about it – not today, anyhow – because he’s been talking to me a lot about it already, and i like the things he’s saying.

So this is a new beginning, our story of how we “got started,” starts now.  One thing i know:  there will be spankings.   Really, that’s the only thing i’m completely sure of.  And that’s fine.  There are other things i think are going to happen, but that’s what i know,

It will be interesting to see what happens…


14 thoughts on “TBT – Kinda

  1. Olivia, I have the same issue as what are we, D/s, HoH, am I a sub or slave, or halfway. I’ve come to the conclusion, I am what I am, we don’t need a label.
    But I will look into this collarme as a way of meeting others.
    And look at the TBT, coz I’m not sure what that is 😂😗😗

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    • Hi, Dayliacatt!
      Thanks for reading and for commenting!
      Yeah, it’s hard to find the right label. I guess really it doesn’t matter, right?
      TBT is just “Throwback Thursday” – when you bring back pictures, or a blog post, or I guess anything, from the past. On a Thursday. 🙂
      Collarme isn’t around anymore – sorry – and I don’t remmeber the name of what it became. If you google BDSM dating site, you’ll find lots of options. One of them will be Fetlife, which is hte kinky FB but not a good dating option, imo. But be careful out there!!


  2. I don’t like conformity either! ( just throwing that out there). I did enjoy reading back to where we once were, and perhaps WHO we once were. I put up a post fro TBT but I am no longer an active blogger so not entirely sure why I bothered. Meh the push ended up being something good for us anyway.

    As for YOU….well I think where you stand ( and perhaps even where we stand) looking back isn’t as important as looking forward. I often think of our D/s adventure as having new starts, but with new starting lines all the time!


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    • Yep, I would have guessed you weren’t a conformist! I really liked you blog post and enjoyed reading about your history. I didn’t know any of that.
      And I totally agree! Looking forward is definitely where i am now. It’s a great place to be. 🙂

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  3. Knowing you, I think being sure a core need is met is a fantastic place to start. The best thing about TTWD is that we are always building our own version of happily ever after. In the broadest sense, it does not really matter what we are called. In another way of thinking, we have to have words to communicate and vocabulary we use greatly influences our worldview and perceptions. As long as you both are using language to mean the same thing, and can communicate, it really does not matter what you are called. You know that there is really no “typical” Master or HOH right? 😊💙🖤

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    • Yep – agreed. And that is such an essential part of what i need. I’m really glad he “gets” that. And yes, it’s being able to communicate with each other that counts. Ok, i know there’s no “typical” Master or HOH. And i think you might be able to guess that by “not a typical HOH” i mean that he’s not going to expect me to start cleaning house or cooking. ❤ ❤ So there, missy.

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      • Yeah that would be kinda weird for him to suddenly prioritize since that wasn’t what he fell for in you to begin with. I have known a few Masters over the years to hire a maid, have laundry service, and didn’t care how dinner got on the table. Service is whatever they say it is. Oh yes… I meant to point out before that I’ve yet to meet anyone who is a conformist to be involved in this lifestyle as a relationship model. Surrendering is pretty counter culture in many ways and so is unapologetically expecting to lead. So it’s always bemused me that we all judge other Ms couples and how they do what they do. I realize all humans judge but it just seems odd that we would judge the rules or behavior of a person as not a slave or Master. I’m the odd ball that fits the pre conceived notion of what a slave is and am the first one to say that’s not always a good thing.

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      • Lol, it would be weird, and he wouldn’t do it. Thank goodness. We already have someone who cleans and we do a bunch of carry-in, carry-out and eating out. So yeah. Don’t see that changing. And of course you’re right – we’re an unconventional bunch from the start. And judgmental. Although, I don’t think I am. But I can be. And you are the best. ❤


  4. This is exciting! We all posted our TBT’s but you are creating one to post years from now. There are endless possibilities! The world is your oyster! Go for the gold! You deserve the best story you could ever create for yourself. Good luck and I hope your fella doesn’t disappoint. Looking forward to following along….

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    • i know – i loved reading everybody’s, so I had to play too. But we are at the beginning, the re-beginning, with lots more info and wisdom that we had the first time around. I’m glad you’re gong to stick along as we grow. 🙂


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