Sex, Power, and Leadership: An online Conference {Free}

Sex, Power, and Leadership:

A Free Online Conference 

It occurs to me that some of you might be interested in this free online conference which starts Monday.  I should have mentioned it sooner, but better late than… you know, never.

Consensual Power Exchange as an Antidote to Patriarchy is one of the segments.  The line up of amazing speakers for this part is Lee Harrington and Midori, who are classic instructors and gurus in BDSM along with a couple of other people I hadn’t heard of, Kali Williams and Laura Antoniou, who might be equally famous.

The Power of Birth and Medicine: Where Sex and Power Intersect and Sex, Power & Trauma in Gynecology, Birth, & Motherhood also looked super interesting to me.  Ok, actually, it all looked super interesting to me.  Because I am a maniac, I spent the $100 to get the videos too, with workbooks for journaling and such.   I think the audio and workbooks package is $50, but I’m hoping to catch a lot of it “live.”  {Most of the presentations are videos, but the group watching is live and I’m assuming there’s an opportunity for interaction there.}

Anyhow.  Just wanted to pass that on.

Thanks for the support yesterday, I am feeling less like pond scum, which is nice.  I had started a different post, and will come back to it, I’m sure, but wanted to share the conference right away.





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