Sorry – False Alarm

i can’t go to the party tomorrow night because I have to stay home and scrub the hearth… wait – no, wrong tale.  For real, I can’t go because you have to get vetted and have a background check before anyone can go to a party here.  And i missed the last chance to do it.  😦

Next time.

In other news, i did close on the house today.  Yikes. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and uber aware of every flaw in the place, but that’s ok.  Celebration to follow…

i’ll get to go to the March for Our LIves protest here tomorrow, which is pretty exciting.

And i’ll be back with my official FFF update in the morning, only a day late, which is not bad for me these days.

And ha, i even found an cartoon to go with my title!!


8 thoughts on “Sorry – False Alarm

    • I know, right? But seriously, a background check and everything. Which I guess is good. I just need to watch for those and work that into my schedule. I’m glad you like the cartoon – and thanks!! Hugs…


  1. Oh dear Cinderella you don’t get to go to the ball, no Fairy Godmother to help you????? Never mind as my Bear says things happen for a reason and something better will come along. Maybe its for the best.
    Congratulations on signing off on your house. Loved your cartoon.
    Hugs Lindy xx


    • Lol, ok, i just felt like Cinderella for about half a second. But that was enough. Yeah, it will all work out for sure.

      Thanks for the congratulations and i’ glad you liked the cartoon!


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