There’s an event here Saturday.  Here, Where-i-Live.

Yes, a kink event.

MP is out of town.  That makes it easy.  Don’t have to have any conversation about it.

i might go.

i might not go.

My social anxiety might flare up and make it seem like a horrible idea.  i’m not as young as i was the first time i ventured out like this.  i know more now than i did then.  In some ways, i have less self-confidence now. (i know, weird.)

i don’t even have anyone in town to be my safe call.  But i didn’t that first time either.

i really could do this.

Or not.

16 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. I would also say go and have fun! If you get there and feel uncomfortable or just don’t like it for ANY reason, you can always leave. But at least you will know. As Lindy said, you may regret it if you don’t at least try!

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  2. I feel like the more educated we become about something, sometimes the less confident we can be about it. There’s no blissful ignorance. You know the pitfalls.

    That said, it could be a fun evening out! Try to be as safe as possible.


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