Sunday Special

I’ve spent part of the morning planning the rest of the month and next quarter.  I’ve started using a paper and pen planner, something I haven’t done since I had a “Daytimer” in my pre-computer days.  i bought myself some fancy gel pens and have color coded my life, which is something i’ve never done before.

I’m using the Dragontree Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner  which i really like.  I’m not using it as fully as i could, but i think i’ll grow into using more aspects of it.  And if i don’t, that’s probably ok too.

But i’ve been listening to this – Sacred Spirit Drums with David and Steve Gordon – which i really like.

As i listen, i begin to breathe more deeply, more slowly.

i had put some tasks on my calendar for today, thinking that i’d feel better if i got them done now rather than waiting until Monday when i have all kinds of new things beginning.  But i notice that when i think about doing them, my body hunches over and my chest gets tight, my stomach feels weird.

I remind myself that i don’t have to do those things today.  I can if it will make me feel better.  But they aren’t due today.  I’m not obligated to do them.  It’s Sunday.  I’m off work.  i can spend my day taking care of myself if that feels like what i need to do.

It’s ok.  The stuff will get done.  And even if i decide to do it later today, i don’t have to be all tense and miserable right now.  Right now, just doing what i’m doing is enough.  And – let’s go for the big cliche – i am enough.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Special

  1. Funny… I did something similar (while being 180º different) yesterday. I ended up doing a task I have been putting off for MONTHS… because I suddenly realized I was actually in the mood to do this dread thing. I would have bet money I would never be “in the mood” for it, I was just hoping for “won’t cause me to slit my wrists”… but there you have it.
    The universe can be a peculiar place.

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