March Is…

… Question month!  Got any pressing questions for me?  This is the time to ask.  No question will be left unanswered.  🙂

In other non-news, i’m tired.  This morning i’m just tired of being responsible for every damn thing in my life.  That means not just my life but my family’s life.  I’m just tired.

Both MP and my realtor advised me completely wrong on something.  When I showed MP the information that let me know what he’d said was wrong, and that I was working on changing it, he said, “Ok.”  NOT “Oh, I didn’t realize…’ not “Well that’s different from what I thought,” certainly not a “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that.”  Just “ok.”

My realtor will not be less nonchalant about it, I’m sure.  And he definitely should have known.

i feel like i can’t trust the people who are supposed to be there for me.  And it’s not like this thing is a huge big deal.   Ok, it kind of is.  Both MP and my realtor told me there was no need for me to be present for the home inspection for this house I”m buying.  No need for MP to be there either.  So it was scheduled for today, and I”m out of town.  But when I read the contract?  It strongly recommends that I be there for it.  The contract says it’s essential that I be there to fully understand the report.

So fuck them both.  I’m trying to reschedule.  We’ll see.

Update:  reschedule done.  At least there’s that.  But in the back of my head are two kind of fantasies – one is of someone who is there for me in a way that takes responsibility for his share, and one is of someone who loves to spank me and control me in the bedroom.  We won’t even imagine someone who would do both.

Haha, it is like my old friend Sir Whatever I Used to Call Him used to say.  I am indeed too frigging competent for my own good.  That no longer stings the way it used to,but there is still truth in it.  Remember the time that MP said he appreciated me because I made his life easy?  Yeah same thing.

If i were not so good at taking care of every damn thing, i would not get stuck doing it all the damn time.

Ok, whine time is over, and i didn’t even have cheese to go with it.  Onward…

11 thoughts on “March Is…

    • Thanks Roz for the support – it was annoying, particularly since it’s about the 5th time he’s told me something that turned out to be inaccurate… But that’s ok. Almost through with this process I think!

      Great questions! If you don’t mind, I’ll blog my answers… better than finding something else to bitch about, right? Lol


  1. Sorry you are going through such a hard time Olivia with both MP and your realtor. Hope everything works out soon.
    My questions – If you could live anywhere in the world where would you prefer. Money being no issue. What’s your favourite food you enjoy eating?


  2. “If i were not so good at taking care of every damn thing, i would not get stuck doing it all the damn time.”

    This. So much this. Definitely resonated with me today. ❤

    Also, a question for the month: When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

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  3. This situation would have really angered me as well. The reason you need to be at the appointment is because some people are very meticulous and actually check everything (the thermostat, the pool filtration system, the oven, get up on the roof, go into the attic or basement) and some just don’t-unless you are there. An inspection can mean confidence in what you are buying, or a major difference between the asking price and what a house is valued at in its current condition. So, even if you are buying a home “as is” there can be a new negotiation in most states. It is also important for you to be at the final “walk through” to ensure that nothing permanent has been damaged. This is esp important if the house has been empty at any point because this is your only chance to verify the home hasn’t been vandalized or had major items removed that were supposed to come with the home. Some people rely on the realtor during some of these points. i don’t trust anyone because i’ve seen exemplary jobs and sloppy jobs. So, yeah, clearly i would be feeling pissed and betrayed and like i have to do All The Things too. i’m with you in the big bus of Too Competent Slaves. It does make their lives easy–so easy that when we have parts where we need to depend on them, it can leave us questioning All The Things. i think that is worth a Conversation. Much love, j

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    • Yep. You’re absolutely right about this. Thanks for the support – it was bullshit for the agent to act like it didn’t matter. And i KNOW you are a too competent slave. It goes back to my other quote: “If it’s convenient to love you, you’re lying to someone about who you are or what you need.” Too damn true. ❤ Love you.

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