Moving Forward

Some of my vanilla life is falling into place, or at least sweeping me up into the process.  Work is good, and I’m working on some other things that will be satisfying and interesting.

I have a friend coming to visit from Where-I-Used-to-Live in about six weeks, and the prospect of a visit in the spring from another old friend from the cyber world, so that’s exciting.  I made some real progress getting my house (apartment) back into shape, and we’re looking for a house to buy.

Sadly, i’m not talking to any of the people from fet anymore.  The Dom who was going to spank me and I have just kind of died down – we don’t seem to actually have anything to say to each other and because of work travel and other commitments, I’m not going to have a chance to get away until February.  But our email messages were pretty much about the weather for a while now.  Sigh.  I may reach out to him again in February.

The other person I’d been chatting with and I have had a disagreement and he told me he was through talking to me.  Um, that was fine.  It would periodically become clear that he still thought we were going to “get together” at some point, that I was playing  a “cat and mouse game” with him, (yes, he said that), which, you know, I was totally NOT.

Then he started talking about how much I should trust him, which amused me – this is someone I’ve never met and don’t even have a social media connection with, someone who doesn’t even have friends on fetlife that I can look at, someone I know completely from email.    Shrug.  Nope, I don’t trust him at an 8 on a scale of 1-10.  So I pointed this out and told him I trusted him about a 3.

He told me I just take things too seriously and I don’t understand him.  Lol.  It was actually kind of interesting to watch it unfold.  I’m just really grateful that I wasn’t counting on him to be my relationship.


It’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day today, a chilly day here in the the Sunny South.  I’m off work and still working on the house.  Here’s one of his quotes to take with you today:

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

10 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I sometimes wonder at how some fellas think just because they say we should trust them that we SHOULD TRUST THEM. erm, no. Good to hear about the house, and that was a lovely quote to take with me as I end chilly Monday. *hugs*

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    • I know, right? I think in my youth I was more pulled into that nonsense, needless to say, that didn’t always work out. Thank goodness I’m not buying it these days. I’m glad you like the quote!! ❤


  2. I literally just told this story on my friend’s facebook, “I read a quote from a book my Mom gave me after my Dad died. It said something about only trust people you can play chess with over the phone- it made me think of a then neighbour who always said, ” I am honest”. And she probably was, but it gave me pause. Don’t TELL me, show me and I will see for myself. If you tell/profess, you better back it up, and MY version to boot! If you show me, I see you…YOUR version as intended or not. The authentic you.

    ” You should trust me” Yeah isn’t there a song in the animated version of The Jungle Book, where Ka the snake sings to Mogali, ” Trust in me…” as he lulls him to sleep to eat him?

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    • Yep, that whole “you should trust me,” “Ilm honest,” – there’s probably a whole list of things we can say that are suspect. Funny, isn’t it? And i love that song from the jungle book – from the animation. 🙂


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