Meditation Bench

how-to-kneel-meditate-bench-300x217This is very much like the kneeling bench i used at the Buddhist meditation group i went to today.  It was amazing that i was able to kneel without difficulty for about 45 minutes.

It made me smile a little bit to remember all the times i’ve talked about wanting to try one of these for other purposes.  Well, you know, for cock worship.  i didn’t think about it for long while I was meditating, because i was focusing on my breath for real. But just for a minute, i had to smile.

In other news/not news, i’m working on shifting my thinking about service to mean service to the universe as opposed to a Dom.  i know, not the first time i’ve tried this, but it seems like it might be the way to go, again.  i mean, if you do Myers-Briggs, i’m definitely a INFP and i need to continue to acknowledge that.

i was going to write more about that here, but think i’ll save that for another day.

Buddhist meditation group was exactly what i needed it to be, and i’m so glad.  i totally want my own meditation bench now – although – if i got it for meditation, could i use the same bench for cock worship?  Not that i have the opportunity to, but if i did?  i think maybe i could…  {wanders off pondering the possibility.}


7 thoughts on “Meditation Bench

  1. INFJ here. i have certainly had years at a time that i busied and fulfilled my need to give in service to mentoring, education, writing, tutoring, and raising children. i think the bench would be a lovely thing to have, and i still advocate for you having a small space that is only for you, that everyone respects. So you have a space to think, meditate, write, daydream. i think all of these things are valid self care needs. Oh…did you bring the “traveling candle”? i couldn’t envision how anyone meditates without a candle. Heh. i think if you can open yourself back up inside, the universe will conspire with you to bring what you need. Love, the eternal optimist who hates hope. ❤


    • Ooooh, now i have to go read up on INFJs! While picturing you, of course That will be fun.

      Yep, I want one of the benches. Not in the budget right now, but it’ll show up there eventually. I did not take the “traveling candle” with me, they had their own, but I take it when I travel for work!!

      I also agree that I need that space but don’t see it happening right now. Not today. Maybe in the next few weeks. And finally, i agree that i need to be more open to the universe, from inside. I suspect the universe always does that, and is maybe doing it right now.

      Love you, jade. ❤

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      • Yay! The whole reason I bought it was for you to have a travel candle. I know-I’m weird-but I have a hard time deeply meditating or settling intentions without a candle. Those teeny candles won’t last long but they are very reasonable. I think that I’m going there today too!! Maybe there is something you can do to create a sense of private space when you travel for work? Even if it’s doing an art journal or something instead of taking care of everything you normally do?

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      • You may be a bit weird (you said it, not me) 🙂 but wanting a candle to meditate is not weird. It’s lovely, and just what I needed for travel. When the work is not too overwhelming, I do find some private space when I travel – but often I just use it to veg out. And maybe that’s ok too…

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