Get Things Done

The view from my “office”, aka the living room, is lovely this morning.  Pale pink streaking the sky, framed by the trees and rooftops.  i have finally gotten our screened in porch cleaned up enough that i will be able to sit out there and enjoy it, especially as the weather gets cooler.  i have my rocking chair out there – it has a metal frame and the seat is plastic-y so I think it’ll be ok in the humid air.  At least i hope.

i’ve decided to make the porch an internet free zone.  i’ll still be able to write or read out there, even on the computer or on my phone, i’ll just put it airplane mode before i step out the door.

i am still overwhelmed with things left undone, but maybe a bit less so today.   Plus it’s Friday, so i get to have the “weekend” fantasy that i will get all the things done then.  Quit laughing.  It could happen!



5 thoughts on “Get Things Done

  1. Rather than try to get it “all” done (after all, that’s totally unattainable in my world…I can’t imagine yours is much different, when you consider all the things other people “need” slicing into my/your valuable “free” time…!). But maybe put a star next to your top three, and a dot next to the next three…and do what you can
    of those six while you can. I guarantee you’ll feel better that you got some of your ‘imperatives’ done! Keep breathing. And…there’s always the bathroom–for a few minutes at least.



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    • Thanks, ‘nilla, of course that’s good advice. i do have a list of priorities that i’m trying to chip away at, and that is helpful. You’re right though, no one can “do it all,” and I need to stay focused on what i can do. Thank you for that reminder.

      As for the bathroom though – have you forgotten this is not a place of refuge from the little ones? Lol, sometimes I get lucky, but at least some of the time the door (which i would have sworn was locked) suddenly bursts open and there’s a triumphant child standing there!! Lol, no it’s not really that bad. But you remember what i’m talking about, right?

      Thanks again for commenting!! ❤


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