Is It Night Time?

It might be.  Night time, that is.  I’m super sleepy.

And while i don’t have to post today, i hate to interrupt the flow of writing something every day.

i made travel arrangements today for my adventure in December, and am super excited about that.  That trip will also open the door to possibly meeting another kinky blogger, which would be pretty overwhelmingly super cool.  Not saying more than that cause we haven’t talked about talking about it.  i would never talk about someone without their explicit permission.

I’m still savoring having met Jade and Sir Raven.  They were so much fun.  Jade has that “little” aspect of herself near the surface a lot (at least it seemed to me) and Sir Raven indulges her just a little bit like a grumpy old father (without putting too much energy into that analogy.)  But i so enjoyed watching jade poke SR and SR, quite aware of the poke, struggling not to be totally charmed.

I think SR knows that if she ever let herself go, she’d be head over heels and all her crusty curmudgeonly ways would be wasted and she’d be vulnerable and who wants all that?  Not SR, for sure.  Not that i would expect her to agree with anything i’m saying here, not in public anyhow.  And i could totally be wrong, but that’s ok, i’ve been wrong before.

Anyhow, i have two adventures ahead of me now, one in October and one in early December, and if that’s not enough for me, i don’t know what would be.  And i ran across this quote recently:

“…I didn’t run away to come home the same. -Claudia”
— E.L. Konigsburg, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

i will just leave that sitting here.



7 thoughts on “Is It Night Time?

  1. I am a five year old prostitute to her grumpy Daddy. Heh. She is charmed-I know-but often wonder if that (what you mean) is what is behind her refusal to give me things I need (SM, touch, the security of marriage). I don’t know but it is definitely a part of her control to insist that I be my youngest and most vulnerable self no matter how she behaves. I don’t know why or what it means but the Stockholm syndrome is working lol

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  2. Oh!!! And!!! How come you can’t have a little NYC adventure? Christmas here is utterly magical and there is a whole village at Bryant Park around ice skating! Please?? Pretty please?? I bought a traditional Japanese mat that is queen size so you can even stay here!! ❤️

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