So now i’m all pouty because I’m here by myself.  MP left for breakfast this morning and never came back (again.  Just like yesterday.)  He did message me a couple of times.  But when i asked about his dinner plans, he told me and didn’t ask me if i wanted to come too.  Well, fine.  I didn’t want to go anyway.

My plan is to stay here and binge eat.  Which isn’t easy because i’m not at my own house so i don’t have the right food.  i do, however, have Ramen Noodles, which i haven’t eaten in years. Just scarfed down a package of that, chicken flavor.  Yum.  And threw in a piece of wheat bread for the soupy part.

i can’t go get more food because both our vehicles are being used, not by me.   Can’t even get the food we brought with us cause it’s in the cars!!  Ok, that might be a good thing.  Still.

And this man i’ve been talking to (kinda, just barely) on fet suddenly wants a picture so he can “see my beauty.”  Pfffft.  Not feeling it.

And you know what?  i can be pissy if i want to.  And unreasonable.  There is no frigging law that says “olivia has to be nice and reasonable all the damn time.”  Seriously.  i don’t.  i had to frigging evacuate my home.  Yes, i’m all kinds of lucky, but STILL.  i can be sad and mad if i am.

i have stuff i want to do tomorrow before we leave, and i’m going to do all the things i planned to do before we go.   So there.  MP and my daughter both are like, “Whatever you want is fine,” words that every submissive girl LOVES to  hear. Then when i say what i’m thinking, they look mildly disappointed.

“Does that sound ok?” i ask, anxiously.

“Whatever you think,” they say, with a shrug.  “Whatever you think is fine with me.”



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