Dancing in Circles

Not to be confused with dancing circles, which might be something like this:


dancing in circles is more like this:


We have just danced back through the dance we do – MP/ Sir – just danced through our steps again.  The next step for me is to feel anger and despair.  Only – i’m not going to.

i’m gonna just keep going forward with my life.

It’s all gonna be ok in the end.

If it’s not ok  —   it’s not the end.


4 thoughts on “Dancing in Circles

  1. “If it’s not ok — it’s not the end”

    That’s a nice variation on my own current mantra, “No one ever died of this…”
    Yours carries more innate optimism, I think. 😉


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    • “No one ever died of this…” is nice also though – and reminds me of my mother’s frequent saying, “These things only happen to the living.” Although, in all honesty, hers was usually applied to those petty nuisances like things breaking down or traffic delays.



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