Get Ready…

Bloggers alert – LoL 11 will be here soon!!

LoL?  Love our Lurkers!   Mark your calendar now:  November 18th and 19th are the big days.  You can read all about it here, on Hermoine’s Heart.  But in short, LoL is the time to invite all your silent readers to step out of their comfort zone and leave a comment.  i’ll be doing it, and hope you will too.


i am in deep mourning for the country after the elections last night.  i can’t even talk about it right now – i’ve spent the day fretting about it and feeling sad. i hope that youall are doing ok.  If you’re celebrating a Trump victory – well, i don’t know what you’re thinking.  And don’t really want to hear about it either.  Not today anyhow.

And i lost 4 or 5 pounds.  Yeah, for real.  Sadly, i think i’ve also lost the ability to have a decent orgasm.  What do youall read for inspiration?

i’ve had a brief conversation with someone on fetlife.  Very brief.  It’s unfortunate that being able to have an actual conversation with someone is an actual prerequisite for me these days.  Writing three or four lines with a couple of repetitive themes (one of which is “I’m interested in exploring the lifestyle”) is just not gonna cut it.  i didn’t even bother sending him to MP – i am not interested.  Sigh…

On the other hand, i may have come across a bit flaky myself.  For example,

He writes: do you have a blog on here?

Me:  No blog on here.  (Ok, it wasn’t an actual lie, i don’t have one on fet.)

Him:  You mentioned something about blog or writings on your profile?

Me:  Lol, i totally need to change my profile – so many things have changed since i wrote it. i do have a blog, but i don’t share it with people on here for lots of reasons. My partner – my significant other – doesn’t read it either. It’s a place that i can share my thoughts and feelings without worrying about whether or not it might hurt anybody else’s feelings. Not that i’m usually mean, just honest.

Um, which now that i think about it, might be a huge turn-off all by itself.  i mean, i chattered on for a while after that, a bit about my situation, a few questions about him, ending with asking him to tell me more about himself, and got this:

Him:  I have been interested in the life style for some time- but never involved in the community for a variety of reasons.
I was I am married but separated- she is very vanilla- We have not been intimate in years- I am interested in exploring.

Sigh.  Yeah, i can see why he might not have wanted to put a bunch of energy into the conversation.   Anyhow.  He was more kinkster than Dom, according to his profile.  That’s not really gonna work for me – at least i don’t think it will.  And his profile pic was just his body, from the knees to his shoulders, wearing jeans fortunately.  But that seemed kind of – i don’t know.  i guess i didn’t like his picture.

So probably just as well that we’re done.  ROFL, this is kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?  i didn’t like his picture, i didn’t think we were a good fit, what was i doing?  But he messaged me…  i was curious.  Now i’m not.

Years ago, i had a therapist who told me (about relationships) that i did not actually have to turn over every rock i came across just to see what was there.  He said it with affection and it made me laugh, so i’ve tried to remember those words of wisdom.


In other news, i get to spend a couple of days at the beach next week (for work, so it will be limited fun, but there will be at least two or three walks on the beach) and then i go to another beach on vacation for Thanksgiving week.  Hopefully that will help me feel a bit more centered.

i’m also hoping to get caught up on OPBs and so on.  Hope you all are well…  i miss being here.






5 thoughts on “Get Ready…

    • So then I always wonder if it’s a common submissive trait – the things we hold in common.

      Yeah, sharing my blog with my Dom never actually worked out that well for me or him really. Do you share?

      And thanks for commenting!


  1. Oh! I can’t *but* help turn over every rock!! One of my challenges in my submission is in accepting my Owner’s decisions, is that oftentimes it leaves all those rocks right where they were—right side up. And nothing is wrong with satisfying your curiosity 😉


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