What really matters…

Love.  That’s what really matters.

Not romantic love, sweet though that is.  The kind of love that is for everyone.  “Agape love,”some people call it, and even though i shy away from the Christian tradition these days, that is the kind of love i’m talking about.  Unselfish, unconditional love.

i think we get confused when we talk about love, we think it means giving up who we are or always putting ourselves last. Letting ourselves be martyred.  i think the Christian tradition supports that notion, particularly for women, which is one of the reasons i shy away from it.

i think agape love needs to be open-hearted. It can be joyful and it needs to embrace oneself as much as it does others.

i believe submission can help us practice loving.

A Kind Dom has an interesting discussion about love going on here.  Lots to ponder there.  As a submissive, back in the day when i was trying on different relationships, i think that i always experienced some kind of love for the Dom i was playing with, or who was playing with me.  i don’t think they “loved” me – certainly not in the forever and ever sense – but i hope that we shared a mutual appreciation of each other.

i know that it’s more difficult for me to remember to be loving toward MP now that he’s not my Dominant.  i’m not sure what that means exactly, but it’s interesting.

Anyhow.  Love is what really matters.


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