The Fair

i went to the fair yesterday.  By myself, so there was time and space for about 5o years of memories of the fair.

Early in the day, i saw a number of people carrying around yardsticks.  It made me smile, remembering the time, probably 6 or 7 years ago now, that a Dom i was seeing tasked me with getting a yard stick at the fair.  There was no doubt about what he intended to do with the yardstick.

i remember my intense awareness of the need to find a yardstick without alerting my sister to the reason behind this sudden desire.  It was like the time he (or was it a different Dom?) had me buy a cucumber.  Somehow, i felt like it was written all over my face, “Up to No Damn Good.”

i also remember the spanking i got with the yardstick, vividly.  And with fondness.

The yardstick still stands in a corner of my bedroom, along with some canes.  i have no idea what my women who house clean think of them.  At one time, i imagine i would have worried about that.  But i guess since they haven’t been used for nefarious purposes in such a long time, i feel like they’ve lost their power.

In the meantime, Vesta, over at Vesta’s Submissions, just dives deeper and deeper into good therapy territory.   It’s a pleasure to read.


{The circles of women around us/ weave invisible nets of love that/ carry us when we’re weak and/ sing with us when we are strong. – Sark}

4 thoughts on “The Fair

    • No horse pulls at the fair here. We do tractor pulls sometimes, but no horses
      And no, I hate to confess it, but I did not have a corndog yesterday. I opted for a trout sandwich and a large ice cream cone instead


  1. Dear Olivia
    Haven’t read in here for a while. Caught up in the other world.
    I’m so happy for you, the way things are progressing.
    Sharing is difficult to arrange, but can be quite wonderful, if the right match suceeds.
    I have the same inklings about BDSM and healing, as you.To find the link, we might have to look at what spankings/pain does for a person? Is it the pain in itself or the focus that the pains gives to the recipient? It might be different for different persons, but I recognize the sense of “Peace of Mind” that you describe.
    PS. The link to Vesta didn’t work for me?

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