Phallic Symbols

i have some fascination with cock worship, both as a practice and as an academic topic.  There’s some really interesting material about cock worship as a religious practice in this article in Cracked, and maybe i’ll talk more about that another time.

But today, all of that is just to serve as lead in to this picture that crossed my FB feed recently.  (Yes, i have very interesting FB friends!)


(Picture is of a tree trunk in standing water, it looks like a man’s upper thighs and pelvic area, complete with a very realistic looking cock.) 

Isn’t that great?  On that note, hope you’re having a lovely Friday…

And here’s the link, in case it doesn’t work wehre I linked to it above:

12 thoughts on “Phallic Symbols

    1. Yeah, that’s what i see too. And your comment makes me wonder – is it the water that makes it a bad place to worship? The subject? Or something else? Not that it matters – sufficient to say you wouldn’t want to worship there, right? Thanks for commenting!!


      1. I’m all for worshipping real penises, but not creepy trees in murky water with snakes. Okay, I think it’s mostly the snakey water that makes it a bad place to worship.

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