Intricate Links

i believe there are intricate links between BDSM and trauma and healing.  i don’t understand how it works, but i believe it connects.  I just don’t know how.





i don’t even know what kind of connection it is, i just know it’s there.

In any case.  i know that being spanked a couple of nights in a row is pretty amazing, and i’m moving into the new week pretty content.

Today, i feel free.  i feel better able to make decisions in my own best interest, even if that might not be what other people would want me to do.  That feels good.  There are still a few welts on my ass, and that’s good too.

And here’s a thought for the day:

“Your genuine happiness does not come from other people, activities or things, it comes from living a meaningful life – a life that is in alignment with your values and is beneficial.”

~      John Bruna



5 thoughts on “Intricate Links

  1. Both trauma work and BDSM teach us how to be in our bodies and connect deeply. I think there is something to letting go and trusting and having good experiences with that rather than what trauma teaches. Every cell in our bodies carry a memory and I think BDSM helps us replace pain with healing, literally and figuratively. I would love to research this and how to develop our own criteria for safe power exchange and how to have a total power exchange that is healthy.

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  2. I agree, olivia. I have experienced that feeling of being more self assure when in a BDSM relationship. As I gave up control in some ways, I felt better taking charge in other areas. I wonder if it might have to do with feeling more self worth?

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    • Yeah, maybe. But what is it about being in a BDSM relationship that increases the sense of self worth more than another type relationship? Or do other relationships do that for vanilla people? i don’t know… But good point. And i would agree that being able to give up control in some ways is freeing and makes me better able to be in control – or for me, more comfortable being in control, in other areas. Thanks for commenting! Lots to think about.


  3. Newbie here and just stumbled onto your blog. Good stuff here and I look forward to reading more.

    I agree with your idea about there being links between BDSM, trauma and healing. I think that creating physical pain gives the brain something to think about rather than the mental pain, it’s a good distraction and once the brain starts working on something else and stops creating even more pain the healing can begin.

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