What Now?

If i wait even a few hours more, i will have missed the opportunity to post on Tuesday.  So here i am.

“i imagine” is on hold in my brain, and i was worried about that, but i realized today that it’s ok, it needs to shift and if i open myself to new ideas, i’ll find the right place to take it.

i’m a bit worried because it seems like things are stalled with MP even looking for my “Dom,” but i decided to let go of that.  My daughter and grandkids will be here next week, for a couple of weeks, so it’s not like anything needs to happen fast.  And if nothing happens soon, it will be time to start looking at kink events.

i’ve been contemplating some work circumstances and considering whether or not it’s time to make some changes.  i don’t know what i’m going to decide, and i may not change anything, but it’s been interesting pondering possibilities.

So i’m reminding myself, this blog is for me, and i don’t have to write wonderful posts every day.  i do need to write every day because it feeds my soul.

But i have been both busy and emotionally drained.  MP pointed out that i haven’t had a day to spend at home in a couple of weeks, and that’s difficult for me.  And i won’t have one between now and who knows when – maybe not before the end of July.   i’m not unhappy or depressed, just tired.  So i haven’t been opening email here or reading OPBs (Other People’s Blogs) – even people i usually read all the time.

i’ve started a new project, in response to the racial injustices happening in our country, and am sort of absorbed in that.

jade, i skimmed your post about slavery, and will have to go back to it – i’m sorry i’m not more present right now.  ❤

And now i’m going to bed.  See y’all tomorrow.

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