i imagine (5)

Sir Martin pulls me to my feet, a hand on my arm, a hand in my hair, he holds me close.  “Yes,” he says.  “Yes, you may enter, and yes, I’ll do those things.”  He looks to David, “What do we do next?  Is there more protocol?”

David shakes his head, “Not now,” he says.  “You can go to the study, or have a drink, go to the dungeon, or even go for a walk.  You’ve got about an hour before the next bell.  At that point, she needs to go to her room and get ready for dinner.”

“Perfect,” says Sir Martin,  with a grin, stepping back from me.  He takes the leash in hand, “The study is up here on the left, right?  Let’s get something to drink and go there.  Heel,” he says, turning and walking away.

Caught off guard, i almost stumble to stay with him.  He strides confidently to the bar, where he asks for a glass of red wine – a full-bodied Malbec – and a glass of ice water.  Turning, he hands them both to me.

i’m glad to take them, but instead of leading us on to the study, he says, “I want you to touch the glass to your left nipple, please.”

i hesitate – wouldn’t you?   The glass is really, really cold, i know what it’s going to feel like on my nipple.  Then i realize i’ve hesitated too long, the bartender is watching, and Sir Martin has that quizzical look again, like i’m an experiment in process and he’s just waiting to see what happens.

“Oh, yes, Sir!” i say, and bring the glass closer, closer til it touches my left nipple.  It is frigging cold.  My nipple gets rock hard immediately, my pussy clenches, and i make this noise, it’s like”nnnuh.”    Cold – it’s cold!

Sir Martin watches, but after a moment – a long cold moment – he nods and smiles, “Good girl,” he says.  As always, that phrase thrills me, warms my heart, and makes the heat between my legs more intense.  “For a minute there,” he says, “I thought you were going to wait too long and earn another punishment, but you obeyed.  Now do the other one, more quickly please.”

Proud of my first “good girl,” i switch the glass to the other nipple with a gulp, it is just damn cold.  Sir Martin’s smile is broader, “That’s my good girl,” he says and even though he makes me keep it on my nipple longer this time, i’m feeling pretty good.  His next words though – “Later we’ll see how it feels on your clit,” makes my eyes get wide, and the bartender snorts with laughter.

In the study, he settles himself in a leather chair, motions for me to settle on the floor at his feet.  He offers me a sip of water, and then a sip of wine.  Then he pulls me in closer, so i am between his legs, facing him, my arms resting on his thighs.

i’m expecting to have my mouth on his cock really soon, and i’m not against that idea at all.  Being at the Center is so connected with sex in my mind that i pretty much get turned on when we pull in the driveway, and stay aroused the whole time.  Instead he tugs my hair so i’m looking up at him.

“If you’re serious,” he says, “about wanting the things you said you wanted from this weekend, I’ll need to know more about you.  I have access to your file here, of course, and I’ll look at it tonight.  But I also want to hear directly from you.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a bit tentatively, not sure what i’m getting myself into here.  Although there are Dominants here with whom i feel connected, i’m really more comfortable with the easy intimacy of sexual service and submission.

“I’ll ask you three questions, and I expect you to be as completely open and honest as anyone can be.  I want your mind as naked as your body.”

That sends a shiver through me – anticipation, fear, delight.  We all want to be seen.  “Yes, Sir,” i say.  “i’ll do my best.”

He smiles, just a hint of a smile, “Good girl.”  At the same time, he brushes my nipple with his thumb, sending an exquisite rush of pleasure from my nipple to my pussy, which is already so wet i may leave a puddle on the floor.

He does it again, three times, just lightly brushing my nipple, and each time a wave of sensation rolls over me until i can’t hold back a tiny moan.  “Feels good, doesn’t it?” he says.

Still overwhelmed by the feelings, i can barely nod, stutter, “Yes, Sir,” when he catches the same nipple between thumb and forefinger.  “But so does this, doesn’t it?” and he pinches, hard, and then releases it while i am still crying out with the sudden shock and yes, the overwhelming heat that streaks from the nipple to my cunt, making me throb with pleasure and long for more.

Watching my face, he is still slightly smiling.  “Interesting, isn’t it?” he says.  He caresses the other nipple then, lightly, while i whimper and squirm with desire.  i am braced for the pain next, but he says, “So here’s my first question,” and i have to turn my attention from my throbbing pussy and hard, swollen nipples to focus on his words.

“It’s obvious,” he says, “that you’re submissive, and very responsive, and I understand there are good reasons why you’re not with a Dominant 24/7.  But tell me why you come here, instead of any of the other BDSM clubs or resorts.  I know this place offers activities that you might not find anywhere else, and it’s an odd combination.  Yoga, meditation classes, and some kind of support group or therapy – mixed in with lots of opportunity for me to enjoy your submission – it’s unusual.  What brings you here?”

3 thoughts on “i imagine (5)

  1. That was hot. i like this Master a great deal. But-Jesus-is he a therapist? i’m thinking Yes. Heh. *What brings you here?* indeed. It is such a shame that Masters in real life forget to offer praise and compliments, because it makes us so unseen to not get them.

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